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Beaches near Achládes, in Chania region

Here is list of closest beaches to Achládes

  • 7.0 km
  • Vlites beach
  • Sand
  • Shallow
  • Blue

Vlites beach, a well-sheltered spot situated in the grand Souda bay, lies about 5 km to the east of Chania city and holds the title of the longest beach in the bay. This expansive beach takes shape north of the Moronis River’s mouth, extending northwards to the Souda Bay War Cemetery.

The sandy seashore is ideal for kids due to its typically tranquil state and shallow waters. Previously, its closeness to both the Souda Naval Base and Souda’s commercial port led many locals to avoid swimming in its waters. However, chemical analysis has confirmed the water’s cleanliness, assuring that swimming at Vlites beach is entirely safe.

  • 7.9 km
  • Nea Chora beaches
  • Rocks in places, Sand
  • Shallow
  • Blue

Nea Chora, a picturesque sandy beach, lies just a kilometer west of Chania city center along Akti Papanikoli Street, opposite the Lazaretta islet. A short 15-minute stroll from Chania’s old harbor, this beach boasts a well-maintained main area with several facilities at hand. While mostly sandy, Nea Chora also features rocky patches. It’s the perfect spot for those who prefer to stay nearby the city center. East of the beach, you can still spot the old soap factory’s towering chimney and the former sanatorium of Chania. Nea Chora is a favorite among locals for its seafood taverns, but there are also plenty of restaurants, snack bars, and cafes to choose from. Every summer, the beach hosts the “Sardine Festival”, complete with traditional music, dancing, and free fish for attendees.

Kladissos beach

Further along the river Kladisos, a second beach unfolds all the way up to Aptera beach. Kladisos beach is a lengthy sandy bay, interspersed with pebbly areas. Despite its proximity to Chania and its appealing beauty, the beach remains relatively secluded and unspoiled. The simplest way to access this beach is by crossing the Kladisos river via the pedestrian bridge.

  • 8.0 km
  • Koum Kapi beach
  • Sand
  • Shallow
  • Blue

Situated at the eastern edge of the scenic port of Chania, in front of the historical Bedouin district, is Kum Kapi Beach. This location was once inhabited by African economic migrants who lived in rush-made huts during the Ottoman period, having initially arrived on the island as slaves. Presently, the only visible structures are a long coastal street lined with cafes and nightclubs, with no huts in sight. The area derives its name from the Turkish phrase Kum Kapisi, translating to the Gate of Sand, which was a gate on the Venetian Walls adjacent to this sandy beach.

Kum Kapi Beach stretches for approximately 1km to the east beneath a pedestrian road. In previous years, the beach was a popular swimming spot in Chania, but the deteriorating quality of seawater led to swimming being banned. Recent developments in the biological cleaning infrastructure of Chania city have improved the water quality, making it safe for swimming according to the city’s Water Supply and Sewerage Authority. However, Kum Kapi Beach remains unorganized and is still not trusted by locals.

To the west, the ocean meets the road’s wall with no beach in between. On the east side, a strip of sandy beach is formed where most people swim. Further east, a beautiful cove is formed, although locals still avoid swimming there.

Kouloura Pond, Halepa
In the Halepa suburb of Chania, next to the Agia Kyriaki chapel and beach, you’ll find Kouloura – a small rocky pond. This spot is a favored “pool” amongst Halepa residents, each of whom has a unique tale to share about the place.

  • 8.2 km
  • Chrissi Akti beach
  • Sand
  • Shallow
  • Blue

Situated 2.5km west of Chania city and just east of Agii Apostoli, you’ll find the glistening Golden Beach, or Hrissi Akti as it’s known in Greek. It’s essentially two sandy beaches separated by a rocky outcrop. The western cove is the primary Golden Beach, while the eastern one is the quieter Aptera beach. The west bay is the more popular of the two, boasting excellent facilities such as umbrellas, lifeguards, showers, cafes, water sports and more. Its fine golden sand and shallow waters are particularly appealing to families with young children, and there’s even a playground nearby.

Aptera beach, on the other side of the rocky divide, offers a more tranquil experience. It’s less developed and has the remnants of the Aptera Beach hotel which was abandoned in the late 90s due to financial difficulties. This beach is perfect for those looking for solitude and is conveniently close to Chania.

The entire Agii Apostoli area is dotted with small parks filled with pine and eucalyptus trees. Access to Golden Beach is easy, either by bus from Chania or by foot.

  • 8.6 km