14 Hidden Gems of Crete: Off the Beaten Track

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Discovering the hidden gems of Crete often turns a great vacation into an extraordinary one. If you find yourself drawn to this post, chances are you’re meticulously planning your upcoming Crete adventure. You’re likely familiar with its iconic landmarks, such as the captivating Elafonisi and Balos beaches, the mesmerising Samaria Gorge, and the vibrant city of Chania.

You may also have explored the historical wealth of archaeological sites, the grandeur of Knossos Palace, and the bustling capital, Heraklion. But now, you’re on the hunt for those unique, lesser-known treasures of Crete, the places that transform a trip into an unforgettable experience. Well, you’re in luck – you’ve arrived at the perfect starting point!

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Despite being a renowned Greek tourist hotspot, Crete’s vastness conceals myriad treasures away from the well-trodden paths, often unknown even to frequent visitors and locals. Secluded beaches, untouched gorges, and charming villages are more than mere anomalies in Crete – they are an integral part of its allure.

So, prepare to dive deeper. In this post, we’re unveiling some of Crete’s best-kept secrets, known only to locals.

Hidden Gems in Crete

1. The Abandoned Village of Aradaina

Hidden Gems of Crete: Aradaina village
Hidden Gems in Crete: The Abandoned Village of Aradaina

Aradena, formerly known as Aradaina, is a deserted village nestled to the west of Anopolis in the Sfakia region. In 1948, the village was abandoned after a feud, sparked by a disagreement over a goat’s bell, escalated into a vendetta resulting in the loss of seven lives.

To access this ghostly settlement, which is perched on the edge of the Aradena Gorge, you’ll traverse a lengthy metal bridge that links the two sides of the canyon. As you meander through the narrow, labyrinthine paths of this spectral village, you’ll encounter abandoned stone houses, their yards overrun with vegetation and their wood ovens decaying with time, offering an eerily captivating exploration.

Adding to the intrigue of this place is its eerie silence and timeless quality, creating a haunting yet fascinating aura. As you walk the deserted streets of Aradena, each crumbling structure and wild-grown courtyard tells a story of a time long past, imbuing a sense of intrigue and nostalgia. This mystical village, with its intense past and deserted present, provides a unique journey into a part of Crete’s history that is often overlooked, yet deeply compelling.

2. Archaeological Site of Aptera

Hidden Gems in Crete: Ancient Theater of Aptera

Typically less frequented than well-known archaeological sites like Knossos, Malia, or Phaistos, Aptera is a sizable ancient site nestled in the Chania region, only 20km away from Chania City.

Home to a multitude of civilizations from Minoan times to the Byzantine era, Aptera houses some of Crete’s best-maintained Roman aqueducts and cisterns. The archaeological site welcomes visitors from 8:30 to 15:30 every day, except Thursdays.

Moreover, a visit to Aptera not only offers an enriching trip through history but also a rewarding visual experience. The panorama from the hill combines both the grandeur of the past and the beauty of nature, creating a spectacle that transcends time. It’s a place where history truly comes to life, making it an essential destination for anyone looking to delve deeper into Crete’s rich past. Its perch on a scenic hill provides breathtaking views over the impressive Souda Bay, a key port in Crete.

3. Agios Pavlos Sand Dunes Beach

The Melissa Cape Sandhills, arguably the most scenic beach in the Rethymnon prefecture, boast massive sand dunes nestled amidst a majestic, untouched landscape. A few scattered umbrellas offer shade, although natural refuge can be found in the rocky caves mid-beach. Despite its generous expanse, the beach rarely feels crowded, even allowing for nude bathing during peak season. A rich seabed makes it a snorkelling hotspot, although visitors should be aware of the frequent large waves due to western winds.

The area is famed for its breathtaking sunsets. The best view of the sunset can be found atop Thronos peak, overlooking the beach from towering cliffs.

Just a short walk from the beach you will find a beautiful rock formation called Apoplystra. These beautifully wavy rock layers were created under pressure and temperature in the depths of the earth. Apoplystra folds have been recommended for the list of Greece’s Natural Monuments list.

4. The Remarkable Kalypso Beach

Kalypso Beach Crete Greece
Hidden Gems in Crete: The remarkable Kalypso Beach
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Tucked away near the quaint village of Plakias lies the remarkable Kalypso Beach. This enclave, one of the most distinctive yet lesser-known marvels of Crete, is truly a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Unconventional in its beauty, Kalypso isn’t your typical sandy shore.

Enveloped by jagged, towering cliffs, it offers a unique kind of seaside allure. Thrill-seekers will find delight in leaping from the surrounding rocks into the invitingly clear, azure waters beneath. This is the best place for snorkelling and scuba diving.

Its distinctive charm is not just in its natural, untouched beauty but also in the peaceful seclusion it offers. The fact that Kalypso Beach remains under the radar adds to its allure, making it a perfect escape from the tourist-filled locales. Here, you have the opportunity to witness a different side of Crete, unfiltered, raw, and compellingly beautiful, just as nature intended.

5. Sfendili: The Sunken Village of Crete

Hidden Gems in Crete: The sunken village of Crete

Immerse yourself in the intriguing tale of Sfendyli, a quaint hamlet near Hersonissos, which now lies beneath the waves of the Aposelemis Dam. Completed in 2012, this massive water supply project, the largest in Crete, was instrumental in addressing the pressing water supply and irrigation needs of Eastern Crete. The dam, boasting a capacity of over 30 million cubic meters, forms the island’s largest artificial lake, nestled amidst the majestic Lasithi Mountains.

Today, the dam’s surroundings have evolved into a thriving wetland, providing a safe haven for diverse bird species. Despite its critical role in the region’s growth, the Aposelemis Dam also has a melancholic beauty; the remnants of Sfendyli village, submerged beneath the calm waters, serve as a poignant testament to the price of progress. Visitors are drawn to the tranquil landscape, where nature walks unfold stunning views of the dam and the vestiges of the sunken village.

6. The Tiny Fishing Village of Loutro

Hidden Gems in Crete: The picturesque Loutro Village

Nestled midway between Agia Roumeli and Hora Sfakion, Loutro is a picturesque, off-the-beaten-path village that provides a genuine retreat from the hustle and bustle of mainstream tourist spots. Its idyllic location in a small, safe harbour, accessible only by boat, underscores its status as one of Crete’s hidden gems. Its seclusion safeguards it from the encroachments of large hotels, bustling crowds, and vehicular noise, offering visitors an oasis of tranquillity.

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Even the locals, drawn by Loutro’s serene charm, choose it as their holiday spot. For the adventurous souls, the dramatic trails of Aradena Gorge, Imbros Gorge, and Samaria Gorge await exploration, and they can be reached by boat from Agia Roumeli, making Loutro an ultimate destination for an authentic Cretan experience.

From Rethymno: Loutro Day Trip by Boat

7. Agiofarago Beach

Hidden Gems in Crete: Agiofarago Beach

Located approximately 80km south of the city of Heraklion, you’ll find the enchanting beach of Agiofarago, nestled at the mouth of the stunning Agiofarago Gorge. There are two routes to this hidden gem: a leisurely 25-50 minute hike through the breathtaking gorge, or a boat ride from Matala, Agia Galini, Kokkinos Pirgos, or Kali Limenes. The hike is particularly recommended, as the dramatic scenery of the towering gorge walls is truly awe-inspiring.

Once you reach the beach, you’ll be greeted by a spectacle of fine pebbles and crystal-clear blue waters, which remain tranquil most of the time. A striking rock arch graces the western end of the beach, adding to the allure and providing a unique spot for a memorable swim.

8. Secluded Katholiko Monastery

Hidden Gems in Crete: Katholiko Monastery

Tucked away within the stunning and untamed Avlaki Gorge, you will find the hidden gem known as the Monastery of Agios Ioannis the Hermit, also known as the Katholiko Monastery. Believed to be Crete’s oldest monastery, historical records are yet to confirm this claim.

Reaching this hidden treasure involves a challenging hike, traversing a 400m elevation on a stone walkway. The final descent is a winding, serpentine trail, and the entire one-way journey takes about 35-40 minutes. As there’s no shade available during the journey, it’s advisable to embark early in the morning or during off-peak seasons to avoid the intense heat.

After exploring the Katholiko Monastery, you can further trek down the Avlaki Gorge towards the sea (a round trip of approximately 45 minutes). Here, you’ll discover the ancient monastery harbour and its surrounding ruins. Please note that swimming is not permitted here as it’s a conservation area.

9. The Waterfall of Kourtaliotis

Hidden Gems in Crete: The majestic waterfall in Kourtaliotis Gorge

The majestic waterfall in Kourtaliotis Gorge ranks among Crete’s most striking sights that a visitor can experience. It’s situated just beneath Saint Nicholas (Agios Nikolaos) Kourtaliotis church, where five significant springs emerge.

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This waterfall is nestled within the most shaded and slender section of Kourtaliotiko Gorge, with water cascading down the cliff sides akin to drapes. However, reaching this awe-inspiring spot in Kourtaliotis requires a bit of a chilly adventure as one must swim upstream in the brisk water for a short distance. While the waterfall can be viewed from a bridge close to the Saint Nicholas church, this vantage point doesn’t quite capture the breathtaking impression it delivers from below.

10. Therisso Gorge and Village

Driving through Therisso Gorge

The Therisso Gorge, also known as Eleftherios Venizelos, is situated in close proximity to the city of Chania and is easily accessible by car. The main stretch of the gorge extends for six kilometres, flanked by towering cliffs that are sure to take your breath away. Its lush, verdant surroundings rival any other gorge in the Chania region. The best part is that you can see the whole gorge by just sitting in the car!

A visit to this scenic location wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the historical village of Therisso. Nestled at the foot of the White Mountains, at an elevation of 580 meters, this charming village is just 15 kilometres from the city of Chania. Each visit promises to be an unforgettable experience for every traveller.

11. The magnificent Sarakina Gorge – Lasithi Region

Sarakina Gorge Ierapetra
The narrow passage of Sarakina Gorge Ierapetra

The Sarakina Gorge, despite being just 1.5km long, is Crete’s most enchanting hiking destination. This natural wonder, carved by water over eons, features imposing walls reaching up to 150m high and exceptionally narrow passages. The gorge width typically varies from 3 to 10 meters, presenting an intimate exploration experience.

Most of the gorge is open to all skill levels, with segments that include water, pools, and occasional climbing spots requiring careful traversing. Notably, the most stunning part is just a 10-minute walk from the parking area. The gorge boasts constant water flow throughout the year, resulting in beautiful waterfalls and ponds ideal for a cool, refreshing break. So, when in the Ierapetra area, don’t miss this fascinating journey into nature’s artwork.

12. Sarakina Gorge, Meskla – Chania Region

Sarakina gorge Mirtos Ierapetra. Agios Nikolaos, Lasithi, Crete, Greece

Nestled at the base of the White Mountains, just 20 km from Chania town, lies the compact yet striking Sarakina Gorge (not to be confused with its namesake in East Crete, near Mythi in the Province of Ierapetra). The most captivating part of this gorge reveals itself right at the start of the trail, requiring minimal physical exertion for maximum reward.

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The path weaves through wooden and stone staircases and metal walkways straddling the river. The terrain shifts dramatically after the initial segment, morphing from a gravel bed to formidable limestone boulders. This abrupt transition creates a stunning tableau of natural artistry, as the rock seems to split in half, shaping a spectacular sculpture that is sure to leave you in awe.

13. Aspri Limni (White Lake) Beach

Aspri Limni beach crete
Aspri Limni (White Lake) Beach from above

Aspri Limni, translated as White Lake, is an off-the-beaten-track beach in Crete that remains a hidden gem. Situated just 500m west of Chrysoskalitissa monastery and a considerable 70km southwest from Chania city, it remains under the radar for most. Though its neighbour, the exotic Elafonissi lagoon, attracts droves of visitors, Aspri Limni enjoys blissful obscurity.

The beach itself is a surreal spectacle, with its white sand, interspersed rocks, and encircling rugged cliffs evoking the image of a secluded, whitish lake nestled within the sea. It stands as a stark contrast to the heavily touristic areas, offering an untouched haven of tranquillity with no natural shade. A visit to this unknown sanctuary promises an exclusive encounter with Crete’s raw beauty.

14. Voulolimni (Sunk Lake)

Voulolimni beach Crete Chania Greece
Voulolimni from above

Discover another hidden treasure nestled near Elafonisi beach, a place unknown to many – Voulolimni. Not too far from Aspri Limni, Voulolimni is a natural marvel. Resembling a mini-crater enveloped by rocks, it forms an exquisite, rocky ‘pool’, a little different from your usual sandy beach.

Sheltered from the robust winds typical of the area, this small salt lake offers a tranquil haven for small boats. The lake has a serene, greenish hue, creating a picturesque view that many swimmers find irresistible. Voulolimni’s off-the-beaten-path location also makes it an ideal spot for campers seeking a unique outdoor experience.

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And there you have it, the hidden gems of Crete that promise a truly unique and enchanting experience. I hope this guide has served as an illuminating journey, revealing corners of Crete that remain lesser-known but equally captivating. As you prepare for your visit, I hope these spots have made it onto your itinerary, offering you a fresh perspective on this wonderful island. Remember, each of these hidden destinations hold their own unique charm waiting for you to uncover. Embark on this adventure and witness the undiscovered beauty of Crete first-hand. Safe travels and enjoy exploring your newly discovered destinations!

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