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Kalypso Beach

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Beach description

The Kalypso Beach also known as the Pirates’ Fjord is located 33km south of Rethymno, near Plakias. Tucked away in a tiny inlet just south of Mouri or Karavos Cape, this beach is ensconced between towering vertical cliffs. The compact beachfront, starting with a small stretch of sand that quickly transitions to a deep, rocky port, extends no more than 2 meters in width. This secretive cove once served as a refuge for pirates during the Byzantine era, hence its nickname.

Fast forward to today, and you won’t find pirates, but rather a contemporary hotel that shapes the parameters of the “beach.” The hotel has strategically placed loungers and umbrellas on the surrounding smooth rocks, creating a unique sunbathing experience. The Kalypso Beach area also offers opportunities for water activities like scuba diving lessons, courtesy of the onsite diving club, and water pedalo rides. Access to this picturesque beach is through the hotel (via Damnoni) or by a boat trip from Plakias.

The crystal-clear waters of Kalypso beach offer a startling view of the vibrant seabed from above. Every tiny detail of the sea floor is visible, reflecting a mesmerizing underwater world. The water’s hue oscillates from profound blue to a lush blue-green, changing with the depth. The seabed teems with life, making it a perfect spot for snorkelling.

This renowned beach attracts a multitude of visitors, eager to capture the stunning landscape in photographs and plunge into the remarkable bay. Undeniably, the Kalypso beach ranks among Crete’s finest beaches for swimming and snorkelling.