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Beaches near Vámos, in Chania region

Here is list of closest beaches to Vámos

  • 4.7 km
  • Almyrida beach
  • Sand
  • Shallow
  • Blue

Almyrida beach is a tranquil resort offering basic facilities along with a magnificent seafront. Almyrida is situated 23km east of Chania city and nestled on the southern edge of Souda Bay near Cape Drapanos. The surrounding pristine countryside and verdant olive groves provide perfect opportunities for hiking and exploration.

A short distance of just 1km to the east lies the scenic village of Plaka, the largest in the area, renowned for its welcoming atmosphere and healthy climate. The coast stretching to Drapanos Cape is dotted with numerous sea caves, presenting a breathtaking natural spectacle. Plaka is also celebrated for its charming, narrow lanes and well-preserved, traditional houses.

Each July, the village hosts the Plakiana festival, a tribute to the renowned lyre musician Michael Papadakis, or Plakianos, showcasing the area’s rich cultural heritage. Among the unforgettable experiences here is the mesmerizing sunset, a truly memorable sight.

Declared a region of infinite beauty in 1977, Almyrida boasts two beautiful sandy beaches with shallow waters. On calm days, they’re safe for children to play in. These two beaches are separated by a small rocky peninsula featuring a quaint white chapel. Ideal for water sports and windsurfing, the area is also renowned for its seaside taverns serving fresh fish and delicious traditional Cretan cuisine. Regular bus and taxi services connect Almyrida and Plaka to Chania city.

Directly across from the beach is the small island of Karga, a haven for birdlife and a popular spot for excursions and fishing. The island still bears traces of ancient Phoenician walls and shelters constructed by the Germans during World War II.

Almyrida is thought to have been a Phoenician colony, hence the nearby location Finikia. Here, you can find ancient ruins and tombs. At the entrance to the village lie the remnants of a 6th-century triple-aisle Christian basilica with well-preserved mosaics. Almirida also played a role in Crete’s history as the site of the last battle against the Turks in 1896.

For those interested in sightseeing, just four kilometres east of Almirida is Kokkino Chorio or Red Village. A small village with intriguing fortifications built by the Germans during their occupation (1941-1945) to safeguard the military port of Souda. This was also a filming location for the famous movie “Zorba the Greek”. Today, it hosts a small factory producing handmade glass using traditional blowing techniques.

  • 4.9 km