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Beaches near Kountoúra, in Chania region

Here is list of closest beaches to Kountoúra

  • 790 m
  • Koundoura beach
  • Sand
  • Normal
  • Blue

Agia Kyriaki beach, also known as Koundoura, is situated 88km south of Chania, 7km west of Paleochora, and a mere 0.5km west of Grammeno peninsula. The beach gets its alternate name from its location in the Koundoura region. The area’s warm climate is ideal for the growth of greenhouse crops.

The relatively secluded Koundoura beach stretches for 700 meters. Despite its proximity to the greenhouses, it’s not a common spot for swimming due to its obscurity. However, it’s an excellent choice for those seeking solitude. While there are no amenities on the beach itself, Grammeno offers several restaurants, a camping site, and a few accommodations.

Access to the beach is possible by car. From Paleochora, drive west towards Krios until you reach Grammenos peninsula. After about half a kilometer, turn left on the road leading to the sea.

  • 1.8 km
  • Grammeno beaches, Paleohora