8 Fun Things To Do In Crete With Kids

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Welcome to our family-friendly guide, “10 Fun Things to Do in Crete with Kids,” your ultimate resource for crafting unforgettable memories on this beautiful Greek island. Crete is a treasure trove of adventures, rich in history, culture, and natural beauty, making it a perfect destination for families seeking a mix of relaxation and exploration.

From its stunning beaches and fascinating archaeological sites to thrilling water parks and interactive museums, Crete offers a plethora of activities that cater to the curiosity and energy of young travellers. Whether you’re looking to immerse your family in the island’s enchanting myths and legends or simply enjoy the sun-soaked shores, our curated list promises to keep your little ones engaged and enchanted. So, let’s dive into the heart of Crete and discover the vibrant, kid-friendly attractions that await.

The Best Things to Do in Crete with Kids

1. Explore Greek Mythology: Fun and Interactive Activities for Kids in Crete

While adults may find the allure in Archeological museums and the Knossos palace, it might not captivate the younger audience. To blend education with entertainment for kids, consider a trip to the Greek Mythology Thematic Park, Labyrinth Park or Minoan’s World. Here, they can engagely delve into Greek mythology.

Minoan’s World in Chania

Minoan'S World The 9D Experience

Minoan’s World in Chania brings together Europe’s earliest civilization with the continent’s first 3D Museum and 9D Cinema! This attraction offers children a vibrant insight into ancient Crete, enabling them to immerse themselves in the legends and art of the Minoans.

Labyrinth Theme Park

Labyrinth Park Crete Greek mythology-themed park

The Labyrinth Theme Park located in the picturesque hills above Hersonissos, spans 15 hectares and offers a family-friendly experience with a diverse range of interactive activities and attractions. Centered around the theme of the Labyrinth, the park also features video presentations on the Minoan Civilization, Mini-Golf, quad biking for children, and an Eco-Garden showcasing Cretan aromatic herbs, local fruits, vegetables, and flowering plants with multi-language labels.

The Greek Mythology Thematic Park

The Greek Mythology Thematic Park

The Greek Mythology Thematic Park in Psychro invites families on an enchanting exploration of Greek myths, enhanced by mesmerizing audio and visual effects. Situated close to the mythical birthplace of Zeus, the park spans from the Minoan era to the Lassithi folklore of the 1960s.

2. Discover the Dikteon Cave: Unveiling the Legendary Birthplace of Zeus

Birthplace of Zeus Crete
Dikteon Cave: birthplace of Zeus

Crete’s mountainous terrain shelters more than 3,000 caves, with Dikteon Cave on the Lasithi Plateau standing out as the most celebrated. This vast cave captivates not just with its ecological wonders, such as numerous stalagmites and stalactites, but also with its mythological significance as the reputed birthplace of Zeus, the principal deity in Greek mythology.

The approach to the cave is a pleasant 20-minute walk (0.8km) that is easily manageable for children, thanks to the shaded, gentle path.

Adjacent to Dikteon Cave, on the Lasithi Plateau, are attractions like the Greek Mythology Thematic Park mentioned above and the Lasinthos Eco Park (will cover more about this place later), where families can enjoy a delightful lunch. Visiting these sites together offers a perfect day out, ensuring a memorable experience for families looking for things to do in Crete with kids.

3. Discover the Island’s Best Kids-friendly Beaches

Things To Do In Crete With Kids go to Elafonissi beach
Elafonissi Beach its shallow waters are ideal for kids

Crete is a beach lover’s paradise, and families with kids are spoiled for choice! No matter where your Cretan adventures take you, stunning beaches are never far away. Their sandy shores and sparkling turquoise waters will keep kids entertained for hours. Make sure to include these gems on your itinerary:

  • Falassarna Beach in Chania Region is celebrated for its extraordinary natural beauty, showcasing golden and pink sands against the backdrop of crystal-clear waters, creating an idyllic setting for families.
  • Balos Beach & Lagoon in Chania Region is a picturesque escape featuring immaculate white and pink sands along shallow, turquoise waters, perfect for toddlers to splash around safely.
  • Elafonissi Beach in the Chania Region stands out with its unique pink sands from crushed seashells, offering families a one-of-a-kind beach experience with shallow waters perfect for young children.
  • Damnoni Beach in the Rethymno Region is a paradise for young explorers with its wide sandy dunes and clear, shallow waters, ideal for snorkelling and marine exploration, making it a top choice for families.
  • Bali Beaches in Rethymno Region offer a serene beach resort experience with five sheltered beaches, providing a quiet escape from crowded spots.
  • Matala Beach in Heraklion Region, encircled by cliffs with ancient Roman caves, blends historical intrigue with a relaxed beach atmosphere.
  • Hersonissos Beaches in Heraklion Region feature tranquil waters and family-friendly facilities, located east of Heraklion.
  • Almyros Beach in the Lassithi Region is perfect for families, with its broad golden sands and gentle, shallow waters, complemented by a scenic river flowing into the sea.
  • Voulisma Beach in the Lassithi Region captivates with its stunning white sands in Mirabello Bay, highlighted by clear turquoise waters, making it a family favourite.
  • Find a kids-friendly beach near you in Crete.

    4. Discover Crete’s Fascinating Wildlife with Kids

    The Botanical Park & Gardens of Chania

    Cute deer at the Botanical Park

    The Botanical Park & Gardens of Chania offers families a deep dive into Crete’s varied plant and animal life. Kids delight in seeing creatures such as peacocks, geese, and the indigenous Kri-Kri goat. Additionally, they get the opportunity to feed adorable deer and donkeys with fresh oranges.

    Amazonas Animal Park

    Photo Credit: Amazonas Animal Park Facebook

    This hillside animal sanctuary in eastern Crete, overlooking the Alfeios Valley, is a delightful spot for children. Specializing in South American wildlife while also hosting domestic animals such as donkeys and goats, this zoo is known for its interactive animal feeding sessions. Visitors can grab a bowl of fruit to feed the zoo’s beloved lemurs, making it an exceptionally fun experience for kids.

    Lasinthos Eco Park

    Adding a cultural dimension, Lasinthos Eco Park not only showcases local wildlife and flora but also breathes life into traditional Cretan crafts through interactive artisan workshops.

    5. Chill and Thrill: Discover Crete’s Top Water Parks for Family Fun

    Watercity Water park Crete

    Fun things to do with kids in Crete include visiting the island’s water parks, where families can enjoy the warmth of the Cretan sun and cool off together. Highly recommended spots are Acqua Plus in Hersonissos, Watercity Waterpark, Limnoupolis Water Park, and the water parks at Splashworld Atlantica Akti Zeus in Amoudara and Stella Aqua Park. These destinations are ideal for a fun day with the kids!

    6. Explore the Enchanting Natural Wonders of Crete with Your Kids

    Sarakina gorge Meskla
    kids-friendly Sarakina gorge, Meskla, located 20 km away from Chania town

    Were you aware that Crete is home to more than 400 gorges?

    Although the famous Samaria Gorge may pose a challenge for family outings, there are plenty of other gorges that are perfectly suited for adventures with children. Ideal for family treks are the Imbros Gorge, as well as the Sarakina Gorge in Meskla within the Chania Region and another Sarakina Gorge in the Lassithi region. For those who’d rather enjoy the landscape from the ease of their car, driving through Therisso Gorge provides stunning vistas without having to leave your seat.

    7. Uncover the Mysteries of Cretan Marine Life

    Fun Things to do in Crete with Kids
    CRETAquarium located in the beautiful Heraklion area

    Visit Crete’s leading aquarium to encounter more than 2,000 marine species, making it an exceptional indoor activity for children. Discover highlights such as colorful jellyfish, sand tiger sharks, and distinctive sea life from the Mediterranean and tropical regions. Cretaquarium merges fun with learning, offering cutting-edge exhibits and modern facilities for events and educational presentations. It stands out as one of the top things to do in Crete with kids.

    8. Ride Through Crete’s Picturesque Landscapes

    Family horse riding by the beach at the sunset

    Discover Crete’s breathtaking scenery in a distinctive way through various riding schools that cater to all abilities. It’s a wonderful family activity that promises unforgettable experiences, especially for those with children. Nestled between Chania and Rethymno, Zoraida’s Horse Riding offers guided pony treks for youngsters and trips to the picturesque Kournas Lake. Those looking for an adventure can also experience the thrill of horseback riding into the sea! Be sure to also visit Horse Park Rethymno for more equestrian fun.

    Heraklion: Finikia Horse Riding Day Tour with Lunch

    The Best Time to Visit Crete With Kids

    May and June: Beat the Rush and the Heat

    May and June bring the perfect combination of sunny skies and comfortably warm temperatures for young explorers. Beaches won’t be as crowded as the peak summer months, allowing for stress-free sandcastle building and splashing in the sea. Plus, you can comfortably tour Crete’s many historical sites or hike family-friendly trails without encountering overwhelming heat or large tour groups.

    September and October: Enjoy a Relaxed Vibe and Pleasant Weather

    Once the European school year begins, Crete becomes a haven of tranquillity – ideal for families with kids. The sun still shines warmly, perfect for those last few beach days of the year. Occasional showers add a cosy touch, providing a chance to discover Crete’s charming villages, vibrant markets, or kid-friendly museums. Prices for accommodations and activities may also be lower during this shoulder season.

    Crete emerges as an ideal destination for family holidays, marrying the enchantment of its historical heritage with the beauty of its untouched natural surroundings. As you organize your upcoming family trip, consider the diverse offerings of Crete, where adventure and peace coexist, guaranteeing a journey that is both rewarding and memorable for everyone.

    Wishing you safe travels and a wonderful time in this Mediterranean jewel. Looking for things to do in Crete with kids? This destination has it all!

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