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Botanical Park and Gardens Of Crete

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Chania’s Botanical Park emerges as one of Crete’s most captivating destinations, renowned for its vast array of flora, fauna, and herbs. Nestled in the serene Cretan White Mountains (Omalos), the Park, just 20km from the bustling Chania town, spans 20 hectares. It showcases plant species from three diverse climates: Mediterranean, Tropical, and Temperate. In 2004, a significant fire devastated the area, but the Park’s creation has breathed new life into the landscape, with lush Mediterranean trees, fragrant herbs, and vineyards now flourishing.

Springtime visit to this Park is especially rewarding, as most flowers and trees bloom vibrantly, making species distinctions apparent. The Park boasts well-marked trails and each plant, herb, or tree carries a label offering descriptions and fascinating facts. As you amble past cherry trees and through tropical and citrus gardens, you’ll discover a charming man-made lake, home to a variety of birds, ducks, butterflies, peacocks, and farm animals such as donkeys and wild goats. The Park offers an informative and engaging experience for families, providing insight into the unique flora and fauna of Crete’s climate.

Moreover, a stone amphitheatre amidst the gardens and olive orchards plays host to events like traditional dance evenings and even weddings. Apart from the verdant gardens and animal life, another allure of the Botanical Park is its restaurant. With an expansive balcony, it offers a stunning panoramic view of the lush vegetation. The menu highlights Mediterranean cuisine and incorporates herbs, fruits, and seeds harvested from the Park’s gardens. To take a slice of Crete back home, consider purchasing local products like rusks, raki, and virgin Greek oil from the Park’s store.

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