Why You Should Visit Crete in October: Weather & Best Things To Do

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Crete in October continues to be one of the sunniest places in the Mediterranean and offers tourists a luxurious velvet season. October is the time when most European seaside resorts finish the beach season and prepare to meet cloudy and gloomy autumn. For many years already, Crete has been one of the leading places in the list of the most attractive autumn tourist destinations in Europe.

Reviews about holidays in Crete in October are mostly positive. The guests of the resorts are satisfied with the time spent on the island, many of them specifically choose the second autumn month for a trip for a number of reasons:

  • In October the weather in Crete sets to be mild and moderately warm: the exhausting summer heat is no longer there, but the cold is still far away;
  • The warm sea is especially suitable for swimming, the sea temperature is around 23°C (74°F),
  • Most tourists have already left, so there is an opportunity to spend time in solitude and enjoy nature;
  • Travelling to Crete in October makes it possible to combine a beach holiday with visiting many attractions on the island, long walks and active sports;
  • Prices for holidays are noticeably lower than at the peak of the tourist season.

What’s the Weather like in Crete in October?

The weather in Crete in October is more and more reminiscent of the fact that autumn has come: the heat reduces, cumulus clouds float in the sky, the number of rain cyclones increases, and the length of daylight hours decreases.

Moderately warm weather in early October contributes to a comfortable stay. You can be on the beach all day without fear of getting sunburned. The water in the sea at the same time cools more slowly than the air. The temperature of seawater in the first part of the month does not fall below +24 °C (75.2 °F), and even kids enjoy splashing on the shore.

weather in Crete in October
Weather in Crete in October

Daytime temperatures in Crete in mid-October range from +20 °C (68 °F) to +25 °C (77 °F). At night, the thermometer no longer rises above +18 °С (64.4 °F) or +20 °С (68 °F). For evening walks along the sea, be sure to put a warm jacket with long sleeves in your luggage.

The weather in Crete at the end of October is characterized by an increase in the number of cloudy days and a decrease in air temperature. The Cretan beach season is nearing its end, but an equally interesting time for sightseeing and gastronomic tours begins.

Air and Water Temperature in Crete in October

Crete in October

Crete is located in the southeastern part of the European continent and has a favourable climate. The daytime temperature in Crete in October does not fall below +20 °C (68 °F), and seawater retains the heat accumulated over the summer until the end of the month.

Air temperature in Crete in October

In general, during October, a gradual cooling temperature is observed, and tangible temperature fluctuations are possible. The average air temperature in mid-autumn in Crete during the day is +23.5 °C (74.3 °F), at night this figure is +17.8 °C (64.04 °F). This looks to be the ideal temperature for a comfortable stay.

Sea Water Temperature in Crete in October

As the air temperature drops in October, the sea begins to cool. At the beginning of the month, the water temperature in the coastal zone reaches +25 °C (77 °F), by the end of the month the sea cools down by an average of 2-3 degrees. In October, the average sea temperature in Crete is +23 °C (73.4 °F).

Does it Rain in October in Crete?

In October, autumn on the Greek island tends to become a full-fledged hostess: there are more rainy days. The average rainfall in Crete in the second month of autumn is between 14 mm to 40mm, which promises 3 to 6 rainy days in October.

Is Crete Windy in October?

The wind in Crete, typical for the previous months of the year, practically subsides. The average wind force on Crete in October is only 3.3 m/s. Thus, October is one of the quietest months of the year in Crete.

Is it Sunny in Crete in October?

More than half of October days (68%) the sun shines brightly over the resort island. However, cloudy days are also not uncommon. 19% of the month in Crete is dominated by partly cloudy, 13% of the days are cloudy.

Can I still Swim in October in Crete?

Absolutely! Crete in October boasts warm sea temperatures of 23°C (74°F), making it ideal for swimming.

Crete is the best Beach Holiday Destination in October

Crete is one of those Greek resorts that boast the longest beach season. In early October, the weather in Crete still allows you to comfortably take sea baths, and the gentle autumn sun gives the skin a beautiful chocolate shade. The beaches of the island are no longer as crowded as in the summer months, but the weather at all major resorts is suitable for a beach holiday.

Things to do in Crete in October

1. Take a Jeep Safari Tour

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If you like outdoor activities and adore exciting adventures, then among the many interesting activities in Crete, you should definitely choose a jeep safari. The Jeep Safari Tour is ideal for all age groups and it is a superb way of getting to know the magical island of Crete. Spend the full day in an open-top jeep and take in unobstructed views of valleys, mountains and more. Experience the excitement of travelling off the beaten track and into the unique landscapes of Crete. You can also be served a typical Cretan lunch and enjoy sampling a selection of local specialities.

2. Visit a Cretan Winery

Wineries & Vineyards of Crete

Wine tourism in Crete seems to be becoming a dynamic travel trend, combining the delights of the local gastronomic tradition with a visit to the magnificent depths. The wineries, among other things, offer visitors the possibility of organized tours and wine tastings combined with traditional flavours. Winemaking traditions have been preserved on Crete Island for 4,000 years.

“Good food is meaningless without a good wine!”

Among the most famous varieties that have made their way to the hearts of connoisseurs are white wines such as Vilana, Vidiano, Daphne, Trapsatiri, Malvasia, Moschato, Plito and red wines such as Kotsifali, Liatico and Mantilari.

Wine routes await you all year round. A visit to one of the open wineries of Crete will be a pleasant and informative journey into the world of wine.

3. Horse Riding in the Cretan Mountains

One of the most popular types of recreation in Crete is horse riding. The inhabitants of the island have used horses for farming since ancient times. Even today, many families keep Cretan horses – geogalidiko. Horses of this breed have adapted well to the uneven terrain of the island and take part in many competitions and horse shows.

4. Join cooking lessons of Cretan traditional Specialities

Immerse yourself in the life and culture of Crete and experience local specialities. The traditional cooking lessons will allow you to make the most of your holiday and let you in on the secrets of Cretan gastronomy.

The traditional Cretan diet is considered one of the healthiest in the world. Traditional Cretan food has always been prepared from local ingredients, raw or prepared as simply as possible – grilled or baked. Read the full guide about traditional Cretan food.

5. Go for a Hike in the Mountains and Cretan Gorges

The best way to truly get to know Crete is to go where no car can go, follow the ancient paths, breathe in the delicate scent of the herbs growing in the gorge, conquer the peaks of the highest mountains and enjoy the blue of the Cretan and Libyan seas visible on the horizon.

The European walking route E4 includes an extensive network of trails of particular cultural, natural and historical significance. It is marked by the European Hiking Association and stretches all over the island, from Kissamos to Zakros. Travellers can explore any of the many different landscapes. In addition to the E4 route, many other wonderful routes can be found on the map.

October is a great month to explore the vast landscape of Crete, especially the mountains. The temperatures are not as high as in summer which means that you can enjoy much longer walks in great comfort and without melting under the sun.

6. Enjoy the end-of-season Shopping 

On the fabulous island of Crete, as well as in Greece as a whole, you can buy absolutely everything. Expensive and not very expensive. Necessary and simply attracted. Delicious and incredibly delicious. In addition to souvenir shops with an abundance of gift products and fur coat shops, for the sake of which many tourists go to the island, there are still plenty of opportunities for interesting shopping in Crete.

Most shops in the tourist areas are getting ready to close for the season and many of them will reduce the prices on different items and even offer incredible bargains. 
Souvenir shops have sales and promotions as well as some fashion stores. 
In October you’re likely to find beautiful and unique pieces at discounted prices, including local leather products such as bags and jackets. Read more.

7. Visit Cretan’s traditional Olive Farms

For thousands of years, olives and olive oil have played a crucial part in the Greek diet and way of life. It is unthinkable for a Greek, and especially a Cretan, not to use olive oil. It is an essential ingredient in most Greek dishes.

The Cretan Olive Oil Farm is the place where you will learn the secrets of producing traditional Cretan products. In addition to being shown the olive groves and mill, there is also olive oil tasting. Each type has its own unique flavour, and where one might be suitable for salads, another might be more suited to cooking.

8. Join the Locals for the October Festivals

At the end of the season, in October, many interesting events take place on the island, thanks to which tourists can feel the amazing atmosphere and character of Crete, and learn a little more about its traditions and history.

On the third Sunday of October, in the western part of the island, near the village of Elos, the Chestnut Festival takes place. As part of the festival a lot of dancing, singing and, of course, mountains of roasted chestnuts (which ripen at this time).

Oxi Day in Crete

On October 28, the entire island (and throughout Greece) celebrates Oxi Day. It is a public holiday in Greece and Cyprus, it commemorates the moment when Greek General Metaxas said no to Mussolini’s request to allow the Italian troops in the country on October 28, 1940. The Greek word “όχι” means “no.” As part of the holiday, all shops and businesses are closed for the day, except for cafes and restaurants.

People and local dignitaries gather in their town or village square to lay laurel wreaths at the foot of war memorials, and schoolchildren and students take part in parades along the main street, marching to music and singing popular songs.

Cheaper Holiday Deals in October!

At the end of the tourist season, prices in Crete in October delight visitors with their democratic nature. The seasonality factor has a decisive influence on the holiday budget. In mid-autumn, there is a decrease in prices for hotels, air tickets, excursions and entertainment compared to previous months.

Other great Things to do in Crete in October

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