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Crete, an island with a rich tapestry of history and culture, boasts a deep-rooted legacy in Cretan wine production. With its tradition spanning millennia, the island is home to over 60 wineries, some of which have gained global acclaim. Thanks to its unique terroir, Crete nurtures several indigenous grape varieties, further enriching its Cretan wine offerings. As one of the largest wine-producing region in Greece, Crete stands as a testament to the nation’s flourishing viticulture, enticing wine aficionados from around the world.

The Deep Roots of Cretan Wine History

Nestled in the Mediterranean, the island of Crete is not just another beautiful destination; it’s a canvas painted with a rich history of viticulture. This island’s association with winemaking extends deep into antiquity, likely serving as the cornerstone for the spread of viticulture throughout Greece. If we journey back to the era of the Minoan civilization (2000-1400 BCE), we’d find them borrowing and adapting winemaking techniques from the Egyptians, establishing vineyards such as those surrounding the grandeur of the Knossos palace. The discovery of one of the world’s earliest wine presses in Palekastro underscores Crete’s age-old love affair with wine.

Minoan jars for olive and wine, in the Knossos palace

Crete’s wine chronicle is enriched with chapters from various epochs. By the 2nd century CE, Crete’s name was synonymous with a treasured sweet wine, protropos, which found its way to Italian shores. As centuries rolled on, a myriad of empires, including the Venetians and Ottomans, imprinted their own vinicultural influences on Crete. Yet, through each transition, from the Byzantines to the union with Greece in the 20th century, the winemaking flame never flickered but burned brightly.

The Renaissance of Cretan Wine

1981 marked a turning point for Cretan wine. As Greece embraced the EEC, age-old vineyards saw a change, giving way to modern international varieties. However, Crete’s spirit was undeterred. There began a passionate revival, an era where local varieties once on the brink of obscurity were celebrated and brought back to the limelight. Today, Cretan winemakers, having traversed and learned from global vineyards, weave international insights with time-honoured local practices. Estates like Manousakis have audaciously embraced varieties from the southern Rhone, while pioneers like Lyrarakis lead the charge in organic, vegan, and low-intervention winemaking.

The Heart of Cretan Wine: Its Unique Terroir

Crete’s vinicultural charisma is deeply rooted in its unique terroir. The majority of vineyards, enveloping the heartland south of Heraklion, bathe under the northern Aegean winds. This geographical dance between the land and the breeze crafts an environment conducive to producing wines that mirror the island’s soul. These vineyards, some ancient, some modern, stand as silent sentinels, testifying to Crete’s enduring wine romance. Wine producing Cretan regions include Chania, Peza, Archanes, Dafnes and Sitia.

A Tapestry of Cretan Grape Varieties

cretan wine

Crete’s palette of grape varieties is both rich and diverse, adding layers of complexity to its wines.

White grapes:

  • Plyto: A sublime herbal essence, evoking memories of aromatic muscat.
  • Dafni: Unmistakably herbal; its very name, translating to ‘laurel’, is an aromatic homage.
  • Melissaki: A phoenix of a grape, nearly lost to time but revived by visionaries like Lyrarakis.
  • Vidiano: A melody of apricot and tropical notes, playing on the palate.
  • Thrapsathiri: A sophisticated white, echoing hints of citrus, flowers, and a reminiscence of Albarino.
  • Vilana: The signature Cretan white, vivacious and aromatic.

Red grapes:

  • Kotsifali: A vibrant red, bursting with the symphony of berry notes.
  • Liatiko: An embodiment of elegance, echoing undertones of cherry and native Cretan herbs.
  • Mandilari: Bold, with an undercurrent of spice; a companion for rich dishes.
  • Romeiko: A grape of many faces, ranging from sun-kissed dessert wines to sherry-esque nuances.

Embark on a Vinicultural Odyssey: 8 Top Cretan Wineries

For the intrepid traveller, Crete’s wineries promise an experience unparalleled. These estates, each with its unique story, offer immersive journeys from the vine to the glass. Through tastings, tours, and tales, they unveil the magic of Cretan wine.

As you plan your Cretan odyssey, let’s delve deeper into eight standout wineries that will take you on a wine-tasting adventure like no other.

Silva Daskalaki Winery

  • 🌐Website
  • 📍 Siva of the Municipality of Paliani, Heraklion, Crete, 71409
Photo Credit: Silva Daskalaki Winery

A legacy dating back to the 1920s, Silva Winery has evolved while keeping its roots intact. This winery masterfully merges the past with the present, producing wines that are evocative of Crete’s vast landscapes and rich history. Their Enstikto White is a celebration of the island’s terroir, while the Sera White provides a modern twist to traditional flavors.

Lyrarakis Wines

  • 🌐 Website
  • 📍 Alagni, Arkalochori, Crete 703 00, Greece
Photo Credit: Lyrarakis Wines

Nestled amidst the rolling hills of Alagni, Heraklion, Lyrarakis Wines is more than just a winery—it’s a legacy. Established in 1966, this family-run estate has been pivotal in bringing back to life some of the near-extinct grape varieties. Spanning over 14 hectares, the vineyard’s altitude and limestone-rich soil contribute to the unique flavour profiles of their wines. Whether you’re trying their fragrant Vineyard Lyrarakis Vilana Pyrovolikes or the aromatic Lyrarakis Plyto Psarades Vineyard, each bottle tells a story of passion and dedication.

Dourakis Winery

  • 🌐 Website
  • 📍 Alikampos, Apokoronou, Chania 730 07, Greece
Photo Credit: Dourakis Winery

Nestled in the scenic village of Alikampos, Dourakis Winery is a mere 35-minute drive from either Chania or Rethymnon. This renowned winery boasts a botanical garden, expansive vineyards, and a traditional winepress within its main building. Committed to eco-friendly viticulture, Dourakis crafts seventeen distinct grape varieties, each echoing its own unique flavor. Their dedication to traditional cultivation and environmental care results in exceptional wines, ranging from red, rose, and white to sparkling and dessert variants, all available for tasting and purchase onsite.

Manousakis Winery

  • 🌐 Website
  • 📍 Vatolakkos 73005, Chania, Crete, Greece
Photo Credit: Manousakis Winery

The Lefka Ori Mountains in Western Crete have long been a haven for native flora, their aromatic scents of herbs marking the seasons. At Manousakis Winery, the ethos revolves around organic cultivation, aiming to capture the essence of these mountains in their wines. Each bottle of Nostos embodies the character of this lush landscape and the Lefka Ori slopes. The winery’s genesis traces back to Theodore “Ted” Manousakis, who, after a prosperous career in the U.S., felt a deep-rooted pull to return to his Cretan origins. Established in 1993, Manousakis Winery celebrates the island’s heritage, bringing people together to relish life’s uncomplicated joys.

Alexakis Winery

  1. 🌐Website
  2. 📍 104-106 Irinis & Filias, Peridi Metohi Heraklion Crete 715 00, Greece
Photo Credit: Alexakis Winery

A testament to the timeless allure of Cretan wines, Alexakis Winery has been crafting exemplary wines since the 1970s. As Crete’s largest privately-owned winery, Alexakis prides itself on maintaining long-standing relationships with local vine growers, ensuring every bottle captures the essence of Cretan terroir. Noteworthy wines like Alexakis Hatiri and the fragrant Alexakis Muscat of Spinas stand as a testament to their meticulous craftsmanship.

Scalarea Estate (Boutari Winery Crete)

  • 🌐Website
  • 📍 Skalani, Epano Archanes 701 00, Greece
Photo Credit: Scalarea Estate

A cornerstone in Greek viticulture, Boutari Winery traces its origins back to 1879. With each passing year, they have woven innovation with tradition, creating wines that resonate with both the novice and the connoisseur. The Santorini Boutari with its golden hue or the oak-infused Kallisti Reserve Boutari are just glimpses of the exquisite range they offer.

Domaine Paterianakis

  • 🌐Website
  • 📍 Melesses 703 00, Greece
Photo Credit: Domaine Paterianakis

Situated in the picturesque region of Melesses, Domaine Paterianakis is a harmonious blend of age-old traditions and modern sensibilities. While their wines, such as The product and the aromatic Moschato Spinas, carry the unmistakable signature of Crete, they also hint at contemporary tastes and preferences, making them a hit with the younger generation.

Toplou Monastery

  • 🌐Website
  • 📍 Monastery Τοπλού, Greece
Photo Credit: Toplou Monastery

More than just a spiritual haven, the Toplou Monastery has harnessed the arid and windy conditions surrounding it to cultivate grapevines that produce some of the most unique wines in Crete. With wines like the crisp Vilana or the aromatic Vidiano, Toplou is not just about spirituality; it’s a sensory experience.

Crete Wine Tasting Tours

As you set foot on the beautiful island of Crete, make sure to dive deep into its wineries. Each estate tells a story, each wine sings a song, and every sip promises to be an unforgettable memory. So, as you savour a glass of Cretan wine, let it be a toast to the island’s timeless legacy. Cheers!

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