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Listi Spilios beach

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Beach description

The picturesque Listi Spilios, situated 7km south of Agios Nikolaos along the old road to Sitia and Ierapetra, has become a bustling tourist spot over the years with a variety of accommodations, ranging from large hotels to smaller lodges. The beach is characterized by its rocky terrain and sandy patches, with a charming smaller beach nestled to the north of the main area. Unfortunately, recent extensive alterations by a major hotel in the vicinity have significantly changed the original rocky nature of the coastline, including the construction of a pier to retain sand. Visitors can enjoy amenities like umbrellas, a snack bar, water sports and a beach volleyball court. The quieter western side of the beach, boasting lush vegetation due to nearby freshwater springs, provides a serene escape.

The beach’s intriguing name, Listi Spilios, translates to ‘Robber’s Cave’ in Greek. This stems from a tale from the Middle Ages when the primary road used by locals to commute to island cities ran through this area. On the beach’s west end, there’s a petite peninsula home to several small caves, which, as the legend tells, were used as hideouts by robbers who targeted travellers on the road.