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Vathi beach

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Beach description

Situated just 10km south of Agios Nikolaos before reaching Istron’s beaches, you’ll discover the lesser-known beach of Vathi. This hidden gem wasn’t on the map before 2010, as it’s a man-made creation and is not visible from the main road connecting Agios Nikolaos with Eastern Crete.

Nestled within a well-protected cove, Vathi remains largely unaffected by wind, except for the infrequent easterly gusts. The beach is characterized by its pristine white sand that enhances the mesmerizing hue of the sea. Managed by the nearby luxury resort, Daios Cove, the beach is well-equipped with amenities.

For non-hotel guests, accessing Vathi involves a descent down a concrete pathway and staircase. To find the entrance, take a left just before the hotel gates and follow the road until it leads to a narrow path heading towards the stairs. Vathi is an excellent choice for families thanks to its calm, waveless waters. For those keen on exploring, snorkelling along the rocky edges of the bay offers another dimension of this unique beach.