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Agios Panteleimon beach

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Beach description

Agios Panteleimon beach, nestled in Istro, a village 12km east of Agios Nikolaos en route to Sitia, owes its name to a petite church located nearby. Featuring both sandy and pebbly stretches, the beach is set against the backdrop of vibrant turquoise waters. As it doesn’t draw the same crowds as the neighboring Voulisma beach, Agios Panteleimon is the perfect spot for those seeking relaxation and serenity.

In the vicinity, you’ll also find Karavostasi beach. This sandy, unspoiled beach is tucked away in the western part of Istro’s largest gulf and provides the perfect setting for peaceful moments. The surrounding area is rich in tamarisk, carob, and olive trees, adding to the beach’s charm. Just east of Karavostasi, there’s a large rock bearing the remnants of the Minoan settlement Priniatikos Pirgos.