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Ierapetra beach

Beach description

Ierapetra, the southernmost city of Greece, is nestled 35km southeast of Agios Nikolaos on Crete island. This city, located in one of the warmest regions of Crete, is a popular holiday destination, often frequented until late autumn. Ierapetra and its surrounding areas boast a vast beachfront, renowned for its stunning beaches adorned with unique fine black pebbles that do not stick to your feet, coupled with a typically calm sea.

In proximity to the town, there are three primary beaches for swimming. Starting from the west, the first is Limanakia, situated west of the city next to the old mosque. The beach features coarse sand, patches of a rocky seabed, and shallow waters, offering a peaceful atmosphere. Given its closeness to the city, all necessities are readily available. Limanakia also hosts a channel in the middle of the beach that leads to a small man-made salt lake.

A short stroll eastward will bring you to the Fort of Kales, which guards the harbour of Ierapetra. Adjacent to it is Apovathra Beach, a sandy beach with shallow waters. This beach is well-equipped with numerous facilities for water sports and scuba diving, making it the most organized beach in the town.