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Katharades beach

Beach description

Just past the Peristeras suburb of Ierapetra begins the Katharades area, a chain of small beaches leading up to the popular coastline of the Koutsounari village. Known for its strong winds, it’s considered one of Crete’s windiest locations. The bays of this area are somewhat hidden, despite their proximity to the main road, leading to few visitors to the sequential bays. The area also goes by the name Paplinou, due to the nearby ancient Panagia Paplinou monastery.

The stunning landscape is shaped by numerous rock shelters and unique rock formations, a product of erosion on the conglomerate soil over time. There’s been a slight increase in development in recent years, mainly due to the construction of large hotels near the coast. Consequently, the main road between Ierapetra and Makrygialos boasts a few restaurants, mini markets, and accommodations.

The beach features coarse grey sand, and its seabed has large, smooth rocks interspersed with sandy areas. The surrounding area is dotted with tamarisk trees offering shade, and umbrellas are also available. The beach is well maintained by the nearby hotels and features a beach volleyball court, sunbeds, showers, and water sports facilities.