Agios Andreas beach

Beach description

The city of Ierapetra, in close proximity to the Agia Fotini church, boasts the longest beach which spans 4km eastwards and is known as the East Beach of Agios Andreas. The name is derived from the Saint Andrew church, constructed at the exit point of the Kotovianou river. Initially, you will encounter the municipal beach, well-structured and surrounded by numerous large hotels. However, as you venture further east, the beach becomes more private. Despite this, it’s not suitable for nudists due to the main road that connects the city with Makrigialos and Sitia along the coast. The beach near the city center is sandy, but as you advance east, the sand gives way to small, grey pebbles and rocks, particularly up to the Livadia area.

The easternmost point of the extensive Ierapetra beach is known as Livadia, and beyond that, is named Peristeras. This secluded region is enveloped by towering cliffs. The beach itself is sandy, interspersed with several smooth rocks. The farthest part of Agios Andreas can be accessed by walking down the road. In addition to this, there is another sandy beach hidden behind the rocky end of the expansive beach in Peristeras, which can be reached via the road. This area is significantly shielded from onlookers, however, it’s quite rocky.