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Gra Ligia beach

Beach description

Gra Ligia is a coastal village located a short 5km journey to the west of Ierapetra and a 39km trip south from Agios Nikolaos. Nestled at the mouth of a rich valley, the village is surrounded by greenhouses filled with early-ripening vegetables. The locals of Gra Ligia were pioneers in the use of greenhouse agriculture, a practice that has since spread throughout the Ierapetra region. The profusion of greenhouses has even earned the village the nickname of “Silicon Valley of Greece”. The Bramiana dam, situated 2km north of the village, plays a crucial role in the area’s agriculture, supplying water to all Ierapetra crops and forming one of Crete’s key wetlands.

Aside from farming, tourism also forms an essential part of the local economy. Gra Ligia, with its recent mild growth, is among the newest holiday destinations on Crete. This growth has been facilitated by the appealing long beach, fringed with coarse sand that extends from Ierapetra to the Stomio region. The beach is known for its tranquil waters and is well-equipped with amenities like umbrellas and showers, albeit not on a large scale. Tamarisk trees pepper the landscape, providing shade and greenery. The beach is a popular spot for locals who enjoy swimming and fishing from their boats docked in the local harbour.

The beach is also a venue for local events such as beach soccer tournaments. If you’re fortunate, you might even have a chance to partake in the unique “xentomatiasmata” or tomato war, a tradition revived and celebrated in early summer. Gra Ligia is an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful and relaxing holiday. In the evenings, visitors can unwind with a drink at local bars or take a short trip to Ierapetra. To reach Gra Ligia from Ierapetra, simply travel westward on the city road. Alternatively, there are bus services that pass through the village.