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Petras Minoan settlement

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The Minoan settlement of Petras was constructed on a low hill overlooking the present-day city of Sitia. Many researchers believe that this location was the site of ancient Etea or Etida, the birthplace of the sage Myson. The town has been excavated since 1985 by archaeologist M. Tsipopoulou. During the excavations, parts of a Cyclopean wall with three square towers, two houses, and a Minoan palace were discovered.

Since the 20th century BC, Petras flourished and rapidly developed into an urban settlement with significant commercial importance, as demonstrated by the well-preserved hieroglyph file found there. Following the destruction of the palace in 1450 BC, the hill continued to be inhabited, and the defensive Cyclopean wall was constructed. Additionally, 40 large jars (pithi) were discovered at the site, similar to those found in all the Minoan palaces of Crete.


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