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About Archaeological Museum Of Sitia

The Archaeological Museum of Sitia is a comprehensive museum complex that opened its doors to the public in 1984, one hundred years after the first official excavations in the area by the Italian School of Archaeology. The museum features a variety of exhibits and artifacts, covering a period of approximately 4,000 years, from the Late Neolithic to the Late Roman Period, and is presented mainly in excavation sets by region.

The museum is designed to provide visitors with an immersive experience, with showcases providing general information in five languages. The complex includes storage and laboratory spaces, offices for the scientific, administrative, and custodial staff, and a small archaeological library. The lobby features a ticket office, book and card shop, and guest toilets.

The tour of the museum begins in the vestibule, where visitors can see the famous chryselephantine statuette from the Minoan city of Palaikastro. This masterpiece of Minoan art is considered to be the most famous object in the museum.

The second section of the museum features exhibits from the palace of Kato Zakros and its area, including giant jars, decorated vases and utensils, and a pithos with colored decoration. Display case 16 includes a wonderful set of Linear A tablets from the palace archive.

In the third section, visitors can see finds that come mainly from burial ensembles of geometric and archaic Sitia. Display case 22 features relief tiles and figurines from the depositor of an archaic sanctuary found in the city of Sitia.

The fourth section of the museum features impressive collections of Hellenistic and Greco-Roman finds from Xirokampos, Ziros, Tripitos, the mansion of Makris Gialos, Koufonisi, and other regions. The exhibits include a variety of artifacts, including coins, jewelry, sculptures, inscriptions, and more.

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