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Agia Fotia Necropolis

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Near the beach of Agia Fotia, in the province of Sitia and at the location Vlychada, the largest cemetery of the Bronze Age (4500-3500 BC) in Greece has been discovered, containing 302 tombs. Unfortunately, 50 of these tombs had already been destroyed or looted. From the tombs, 1800 vessels of various types, as well as stone and bronze objects (axes, hand mills, hooks, spearheads, etc.) were uncovered. The tombs were primitive, either chamber-like or simple pits dug in soft rock.

A few meters to the west, on the hill of Kefala, traces of the settlement associated with the Vlychada cemetery have been found. A rectangular building from the Middle Minoan period has been discovered, where there are indications of a metallurgical installation, as molds were found for the construction of copper axes. The foundations of two large round buildings were later built on the ruins of the same building, which are probably vaulted tombs (which are very rare in Eastern Minoan Crete).


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