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Sykia Gorge at Rodakino

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The stunning Sykia gorge, which is actually the easternmost gorge in the province of Sfakia, is located north of Rodakino village. It’s a technical canyon, meaning that traversing it requires specialized equipment due to its over 10 steep descents or waterfalls, which are safeguarded by the speleological groups of Crete. The tallest rappel stands at around 12 meters high.

The Sykia stream combines with the untamed canyons of Rodakino (also known as Maglinara) and the longest gorge in the area, Karavos. The stream then flows under both the new and old bridges of Rodakino, finally reaching the picturesque Korakas beach. Canyon explorers typically leave the gorge just after the old bridge, while those up for a full-length trek will encounter another rappel. The narrowest part of Sykia, after it merges with the Rodakino Gorge, is truly breathtaking.

Speleological clubs have named the gorge Sykia, meaning sycamore-fig tree, due to the abundance of fig trees found along the route. However, its official name is Xepitira. Except for times following heavy rainfall, the gorge is typically dry.


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Most frequent asked questions

Where is Sykia Gorge located?

Sykia Gorge is located in the Rethymno Region of Crete, Greece, specifically in the village of Rodakino.

What is the difficulty level of hiking Sykia Gorge?

The difficulty level of hiking Sykia Gorge is considered moderate, with some steep and rocky sections.

What is the best time to hike Sykia Gorge?

The best time to hike Sykia Gorge is during the spring and autumn months when the weather is cooler and the vegetation is lush.

Is there an entrance fee to hike Sykia Gorge?

No, there is no entrance fee to hike Sykia Gorge.

Are there any facilities available at Sykia Gorge?

There are no facilities available at Sykia Gorge, so hikers should bring their own food, water, and other necessary supplies.

What should I wear and bring for hiking Sykia Gorge?

Hikers should wear comfortable and sturdy shoes, as well as lightweight and breathable clothing. It is also recommended to bring sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and a backpack with water and snacks.

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