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Tholos beach

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Beach description

Tholos, situated 26km to the east of Agios Nikolaos and 4km north of Kavoussi village, can also be referred to as Kavoussi beach. Nestled at the end of a fertile valley and framed by ancient olive groves and vineyards, the region has only seen minor touristic development, making it an ideal spot for a tranquil holiday. Tholos beach, with its combination of pebbly and sandy terrain on the west side and a small harbour, is surrounded by tamarisk trees that offer much-needed shade. Nearby, there are accommodations and taverns. The water at the beach, usually hazy and light blue, is the result of underwater springs from the Thripti mountain massif mixing with salt water.

Legameni Cape beaches
A stone’s throw away to the north of Tholos’ small harbour, two pebbly beaches have formed where two dry streams meet. These beaches, known as Legameni, owe their name to the local cape. It’s fascinating to observe aquatic plants growing out from the rocky sea bed, indicating the presence of fresh water underground. Both beaches provide stunning views of Malavra’s wild cliffs to the east of Tholos beach.

Malavra beach
If you travel 2km east from Tholos, you’ll discover the isolated beach of Malavra, encircled by towering cliffs. Accessible only by boat and typically impacted by northern winds, this beach until recently could be reached by foot from the nearby freshwater spring station at Malavra, via a dirt track from Tholos beach. However, a gate has now been installed to restrict access.

Surroundings and Sightseeing
Kavoussi, one of Crete’s lesser-known but intriguing regions, boasts a wealth of archaeological sites, natural wonders, and traditional villages. Directly opposite Tholos sits Psira Island, a significant Minoan harbour. You can visit Psira by boat from nearby Mochlos and explore its extensive Minoan settlement. The island’s most significant artefact, a carved mural, now resides in the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion.

To the west of Tholos, you’ll find the old frescoed chapel of St. Anthony. A stroll to Kavoussi will lead you to the village square, where you can explore the Venetian church of St. George, a beautiful example of Byzantine architecture, and the Temple of the Twelve Apostles at Ligaras.

The archaeological site of Azorias, just 2km east of Kavoussi, is home to one of the most awe-inspiring natural monuments on Crete – an olive tree over 3500 years old and the oldest surviving in the world. This tree, a protected monument, was used to crown the first winner of the Women’s Marathon at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. A short 2km journey south of the monumental olive tree will take you to the canyons of Mesonas and Havgas, some of the wildest in East Crete.

In addition to these, it’s worth visiting the Minoan settlements at Vrondas and Kastro, the ancient copper workshop from the Minoan period at Chrysokamino, and the nearby cave of Theriospilios, known for its unique decor. East of Theriospilios, you’ll find the Minoan settlement of Chylopites.


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Most frequent asked questions

Yes, Tholos beach is suitable for swimming. However, it is recommended to be cautious of the strong currents.

Are there any water sports activities available at Tholos beach?

Yes, there are water sports activities available at Tholos beach, such as windsurfing and kiteboarding.

Is Tholos beach a good spot for fishing?

Yes, Tholos beach is a good spot for fishing. However, it is important to follow the local fishing regulations.

Can I bring my dog to Tholos beach?

Yes, dogs are allowed on Tholos beach. However, it is important to clean up after your pet and keep them on a leash.

Is there a hiking trail near Tholos beach?

Yes, there is a hiking trail near Tholos beach that offers stunning views of the coastline and surrounding hills.

What is the water colour of the Tholos beach?

The water colour of the Tholos beach is blue.

What type of sand can be found on the Tholos beach?

The Tholos beach has a mix of sand and pebbles.

What is the water depth like at the Tholos beach?

The water depth at the Tholos beach is normal.

What is the surface of the sea like at the Tholos beach?

The sea surface at the Tholos beach is usually wavy.

What is the crowd level like at the Tholos beach?

The Tholos beach usually has a normal crowd level.

What facilities are available at the Tholos beach?

The Tholos beach has accommodation options and food/water nearby.

What is the access to the Tholos beach like?

The Tholos beach can be accessed via a paved road.

Is there any tree shade available at the Tholos beach?

Yes, there is tree shade available at the Tholos beach.

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