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Tertsa beach

Beach description

Tertsa, a quaint village, is nestled 91km south of Iraklion and 54km southwest of Agios Nikolaos, positioned between Myrtos and Psari Forada. The village, situated in a lush valley carved by the Tsounas river, houses a fresh water spring within a small gorge formed by the river. The majority of the land in Tertsa is owned by settlers from the northern village of Sykologos, just 7.5km away. Originally, the structures in the settlement served as storage depots for carobs and citrus fruits harvested in the region. Presently, the handful of villagers continue their agricultural pursuits, their land teeming with greenhouses of bananas and fields of tomato, pepper, cucumber and more. The Byzantine church of St. George is a significant landmark near the village.

The village overlooks a tranquil beach adorned with rough grey sand. Despite its lack of development, Tertsa retains its traditional Cretan charm, with just a few taverns and rooms available. The settlement is shaded by several tamarisk trees. The beach extends westward to Vourdolakos bay, beyond the rock of Psaroharako. The beach beyond the rock, also named Psaroharako, is more secluded and beautiful than the one in front of the settlement.