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Ligaria beach

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Beach description

The Ligaria beach, nestled 21km northwest of Heraklion and just 1km east of Agia Pelagia, is shielded by the Bay of Ligaria from the common northwest winds of the region. Not far from here is the Panagia church, a relic from its days as the Panagia Ligariani monastery. The area is named after this monastery, which in turn, derives its name from the abundant osier plant, also known as ‘ligaria’ in Greek, famous for its pliable stems and lovely flowers.

The beach is an enchanting spot with its rough sand and serene, turquoise water. The presence of small boats adds to the charm of the scene. While the eastern part is more exposed to waves and tends to gather more debris, the western side boasts cleaner water and a flat sea. Smooth rocks are found close to the shore except for the western part of Ligaria which has small sandy areas. The beach is well-equipped with facilities like umbrellas, sunbeds, water sports, a diving school, beach bars, restaurants, and accommodations. However, parking can be a challenge, especially on weekends due to the influx of locals.

A trail leading northeast from the west end of the beach takes you to the top of the cape safeguarding Ligaria. Adjacent to this cape lies a secluded little beach named Parasfougario. It has sand and pebbles but is exposed to the wind. A stone pathway starting from a cliffside house leads to this beach, but it is off-limits as it falls under private property.