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Kladissos beach

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Beach description

Kladissos, situated 21km northwest of Heraklion and to the northwest of the Agia Pelagia resort, is home to a historically significant hotel that sprawls across the entire Cape Souda area. The beach here boasts fine gravel and tranquil green waters, with the hotel providing an array of amenities such as umbrellas, deck chairs, bars, showers, and changing rooms.

Despite appearing to be private due to the hotel’s influence, it’s essential to remember that all beaches in Greece are accessible to the public. You can gain access to the beach by requesting permission from the hotel, at no cost. Kladissos beach is typically serene and secluded, as locals tend to favor the nearby Agia Pelagia or Psaromoura beaches.

In close proximity to the shore, post-Minoan tombs have been discovered, adding a historical significance to the area. Additionally, archaeologists have uncovered a large public building from the third to fourth century AD, known as the Prytaneum, which was used for political meetings of the ancient town Apolonia. Some of the ceramic artifacts found in the area are now displayed in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.