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Koumbes beach

Beach description

Koumbes, situated 2km west of Rethymnon’s center, is the only beach on the city’s western side. The beach offers stunning vistas of the impressive Fortezza fortress, located several hundred meters to the east. Koumbes derives its name from the Turkish word ‘Kubbe,’ which translates to ‘dome.’ This expansive beach, adorned with sand and fine pebbles, has seen significant growth in recent years, and its development has become a top priority for the Rethymno Municipality. This growth has led to numerous improvements, including the addition of walkways and similar enhancements along the coast.

At Koumbes, visitors can avail themselves of all necessary tourist amenities, such as lifeguard services, umbrellas, showers, changing rooms, and water sports. The area also boasts numerous hotels, accommodations, restaurants, taverns, snack bars, and cafes. Access to Koumbes from the city center is convenient, either by bus or on foot. Walking takes no more than 20 minutes.