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Akti Koundourou beach

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Beach description

Just a short stroll south from Ammoudi beach in Agios Nikolaos, nestled alongside the scenic coastal stretch of Akti Koundourou Street leading to the enchanting Lake Voulismeni, you’ll discover a charming, pebbled artificial beach. Cradled between two sturdy concrete piers, the allure of Akti Koundourou Street beach unfolds.

This well-organized haven offers a spectrum of amenities, from shaded umbrellas to thrilling water sports, ensuring a perfect day at the beach. It also boasts a diving school, inviting all thrill-seekers to explore the underwater world.

But the real magic happens beneath the surface. Snorkelling here reveals a hidden treasure – a sunken car resting under the crystal-clear waters. An unexpected sight that only adds to the beach’s unique charm, it’s a captivating detail that will make your visit unforgettable.