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Kitroplatia beach

Beach description

Kitroplatia, a charming spot, is just a short 200m stroll west from the scenic Lake Voulismeni in Agios Nikolaos’s city heart. This area showcases a quaint stone-paved square brimming with some of the city’s top-notch taverns.

Right in front of the square’s towering tamarisk trees, there’s a cozy beach dotted with sand and pebbles. Facilities like umbrellas and showers are available for beach-goers. Plus, you won’t be short on options for lodging, meals, and refreshments nearby. The beach is ideal for kids or anyone seeking a clean, picturesque spot close to city conveniences.

From Kitroplatia, you can start a stunning coastal walk along a stone-paved path heading south to Agios Nikolaos’s marina and onward to the beach Ammos. You won’t want to miss the breathtaking views of Mirabello Bay on this walk.

Heading in the opposite direction from Kitroplatia, the Akti Pangalou street winds along the coastline towards the commercial port and back to Lake Voulismeni. A small square along the way is home to a modern sculpture by the Soteriades brothers, depicting the Horn of Amalthea, a universal symbol of wealth and plenty. Near the port, you’ll find the quiet, pebble-strewn Europa beach, named after a nearby modern statue.

Kitroplatia, or “citron square” in Greek, is a nod to the city’s thriving citron trade in the past century. A citron market once stood on the beach, and boats would load up with citron due to the sea’s depth, especially when the city lacked a port. While the citron – often called “median apples,” a symbol of abundance and fertility – is no longer grown, the square’s name serves as a delightful reminder of bygone days.