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Agia Galini beach

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Beach description

Agia Galini, a well-loved seaside resort in the southern part of the Rethymnon prefecture, is located near the Amarianos or Platys River mouth. It’s 61km south of Rethymno city and 68km southwest of Heraklion. This quaint town flourishes with activity in the summer and offers all necessary tourist facilities. The stunning green beaches, the fascinating caves in the west, the legends of Icarus and Daedalus, the hippie memories and the peaceful sea, make this village a popular spot for numerous visitors.

Starting east of the port, a long beach extends to Kokkinos Pirgos. The sea here is typically serene. The beach section near the port is well-facilitated and features fine pebbles and chilled water, due to the nearby Platys or Amarianos River, located 200m east of the port. Near the river, remnants of an ancient Artemis temple have been discovered.

Crossing the river via a metal bridge leads to the second beach, which stretches another 1km to the east. This beach, with small pebbles and less organization, is adjacent to the Agia Galini camping site. As you progress eastwards, the beach becomes narrower and more rugged. A 1.5-2 hour walk will take you to Kokkinos Pirgos. This beach, inaccessible by road and favored by nudists, is completely unorganized so be sure to bring food, water, and umbrellas.

On the beach’s west end, beneath a hill with houses, there’s a small network of tunnels from World War II. You can explore these to reach the hilltop.