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Agios Georgios

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Beach description

Situated 3km west of Agia Galini, 69km southwest of Heraklion, and 60km south of Rethymno, you’ll find the tranquil valley of Agios Georgios. This spot is home to two small bays, each boasting beautiful pebbly beaches separated by a rocky shore. The weather is often mild, making these beaches perfect for year-round swimming.

The area remains relatively undeveloped, but on the eastern beach, known as Lichnistis, you’ll find a handful of rooms, a tavern, and some umbrellas for shade. A visit to Agios Georgios offers the chance to explore the rugged Cretan countryside and take a stroll to the historic Monastery of St. George, located 500m to the north. The church’s sloping walls show signs of age and soil sedimentation, and inside, you’ll find ancient frescoes.

For those seeking solitude, the western beach, Kolimbistiri, or “swimming area”, is the ideal location. Here, you can swim in peace, and the seabed offers excellent snorkelling opportunities. To reach Agios Georgios’ beaches, take the asphalt-paved road from Agia Galini to Agios Pavlos, or hop on a boat from Agia Galini.