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Top 12 Nudist Beaches in Crete

  • Posted 1 month ago
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While there are not many official nudist beaches in Crete, there are many nudist-friendly beaches. With its turquoise water and powdery beaches, Crete is one of the most travel destinations for water rats, sun worshipers and nudists looking for relaxation. We reveal the top nudist beaches on Crete for those who want to tan seamlessly on a beach and feel the water on their bare skin.

Top Nudist Beaches in Chania Prefecture

Filaki Beach

Filaki Beach – the only official nudist beach on the Crete island

Filaki Beach is located 3 km from the village of Sfakion on the south coast of Crete. It is a pebble beach with rock formations. It is the only official nudist beach on the island. Thanks to the only nudist hotel in Crete in the immediate vicinity, you will meet many like-minded people. The beach is not wild– Filaki has a well-developed infrastructure: it has a parking lot, water closets, bars, sling chairs, and umbrellas. A more friendly nudist beach cannot be found in Crete.

Selino Beach (Sougia)

Sougia Beach Crete
Sougia Beach – mainly visited by nudists

The enchanting coarse-grained beach stretches for about 1.5 km from the small port in Sougia. It’s about 75 km from Chania and, just like Matala, it used to be another hippie-friendly beach during the ’70s. It ends in a narrow rocky bay under tamarisks and is only visited by a few holidaymakers. While there are numerous restaurants, taverns and bars on the main beach of Sougia, the eastern part of the beach is undeveloped and is mainly visited by nudists.

Kedrodasos Beach

Kedrodasos beach crete
Kedrodasos Beach – nudist-friendly beach near Elafonissi lagoon

Kedrodasos (i.e. juniper wood) is an amazing beach, located 76km southwest of Chania and 1km east of the famous Elafonissi lagoon. The beach is full of juniper trees (mistakenly confused with cedars) and sand dunes.

The “cedar” grove covers a big area of about 11 hectares and is a magnificent place. It is a wonderful choice for swimming and a favourite beach for naturists. It is a very nice beach with white sand and some smooth and flat rocks in places. Fortunately, there are no facilities nearby, making this secluded beach, one of the latest untouched paradises in Europe. Moreover, since the beach is secluded, you should keep it clean and not littered.

Top Nudist Beaches in Heraklion Prefecture

Red Beach (Matala)

Red beach Crete
Red Beach – nudist-friendly beach near Matala resort

The Red Beach (Kokkini Ammos) is located at location Moudia, 68km southwest of Heraklion and just 800m south of Matala famous resort. To get here you have to walk a trail that begins north of the settlement of Matala and crosses the hill Kastri north of Matala. 

The Red Beach used to be one of the favourite destinations for hippies in the 60s and 70s. Many fans still come to the beach since that time. The beach still remains nudism-friendly (especially its northern part). Indeed, the beach has been voted as one of the top nudism-friendly beaches in the world. Moreover, Red Beach and its surrounding area are protected under the Natura 2000 international program.

Sarandaris Coves (Hersonissos)

Sarandaris – a series of small coves and hidden beaches

Many believe that nudist beaches can only be found on the remote coasts of southern Crete. But this is not true, and Hersonissos is one of the exceptions.

Sarandaris (or Sarantaris) is a series of small coves and hidden beaches about 27 km from the capital of Crete, Heraklion. To reach this beach from Hersonissos town, follow the main road towards Anissaras and then turn off at the signs to Cape Sarandaris. You can get to the nudist beach by walking the last few meters over the rocks. 

The crystal waters and unusual rocky formations under the sea make it an excellent place for snorkelling.

Kommos Beach

Kommos Beach
Kommos Beach – top nudist beach on Crete

Kommos Beach is on the southern coast of Heraklion, about 70 km from the capital and not far from Matala Beach.

Kommos has often been placed on different lists of top nudist beaches on Crete since it’s so isolated and quiet, and few people are aware that naturism has spread on this coast of the island.

Naturism and nature enthusiasts adore this beach because of the green landscape. And since it’s really wide, there’s never the feeling of being in a crowded place.

Top Nudist Beaches in Rethymnon Prefecture

Agios Pavlos Beach

nudist-friendly beach in Crete
Agios Pavlos – nudist-friendly beach in Rethymnon Region

Agios Pavlos is a rather tiny seaside village not far from Triopetra Beach and the bigger village of Agia Galini.

The village itself is home to a very nice beach, but we will focus on the two beaches located a bit away from the village.

There is a very long strip of sand divided by a huge rock protruding into the sea.

The only way to get there is by climbing down the stunningly beautiful and quite steep sand dunes, a trademark of Agios Pavlos.

Although the descent might look dangerous, it isn’t that hard. Going back up the dunes might require more effort, but the beaches below are worth the experience.

It’s precisely these sand dunes that prevent the beaches from being overcrowded, and they are usually empty. The sea is crystal clear and there’s no organization whatsoever.

Melissa Cape Sandhills

Melissa Cape sandhills crete

Melissa Cape sandhills, perhaps the most beautiful beach of prefecture Rethymnon, is a fantastic bay in a wild and majestic scenic landscape with huge sandhills. There are a few umbrellas (that’s all!), but you can find shade in the rocky caves shaped in the middle of the beach. Moreover, given its large size, the beach never seems busy and you can easily stay nude even in peak season. 

Ligres Beach

Ligres Beach – preferred by nudists and is completely secluded

Ligres is located 51km south of Rethymno and 7km south of the village Kerames, at the foot of the imposing mount of Siderotas.

Ligres is a vast beach with coarse sand and a fantastic deep sea.

Besides the northern part of the beach, which is known as Katsouni, there is a nice beach mainly preferred by nudists and is completely secluded. However, there are many places where you can swim nude on this vast and empty beach.

Top Nudist Beaches in Lasithi Prefecture

Pachia Ammos Beach

Pachia Ammos Beach
The eastern area of Pachia Ammos Beach is reserved for nudist bathers

Pachia Ammos Beach is one of the best beaches in Crete. It is a large, kilometre-long beach on the west coast of Paleochora. The eastern area of Pachia Ammos Beach is reserved for nudist bathers. The western part of the beach is ideal for all kinds of water sports and leisure activities. Pachia Ammos Beach is proud to fly the EU Blue Flag, showing that the water is clean and the beach has all the necessary facilities for safe swimming. 

Tholos Beach

Tholos beach – favourite among naturists beach on the northern coast of Crete

The magnificent beach of Tholos is located in the Lasithi region, close to the village of Kavousi, and is about 40 minutes from the main city of Agios Nikolaos.

Tholos is a sandy and pebbled beach in a protected location within a deep bay. Its position offers shelter from winds, which makes the sea especially calm and waveless.

Due to its isolated nature, its spectacular turquoise waters, and its unique secluded location, this is another beach on the northern coast of Crete that’s a favourite among naturists.

Chiona Beach (Kouremenos)

Chiona Beach – isolated beach on the eastern coast of Crete

Chiona Beach (often also spelt Hiona and even Xiona) is about 90 km east of Agios Nikolaos, close to the city of Sitia (about 23 km away).

Chiona is another isolated beach on the eastern coast of Crete, with very shallow waters and fine sand mixed with pebbles.

In general, the area is quite isolated and secluded, which makes it another favourite place to take off your clothes.

What to bring with you to a nudist beach in Crete

What makes many of the nudist beaches so unique is the pure experience of nature – no beach bar, no cantina, no shops – no civilization of any kind. This can also mean limited cell phone reception. You will need a lot of water and sunscreen, snacks and everything else that makes your stay comfortable and pleasant – for example, a parasol. Some of these beaches are so remote that you will have to hike to them, so don’t forget comfortable shoes, a hat, and plenty of water. 

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