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Vathypetro Minoan villa

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Vathipetro is a tiny settlement situated 4km and 20km south of Archanes and Heraklion, respectively, boasting stunning views of the southern side of Jiouchtas Mount and the Chalavrianos dam. Near the village at a location called Piso Livadia, along the road connecting Archanes to Houdetsi, a Minoan mansion was discovered in 1949 by Spiros Marinatos. The excavations were completed in 1956, with restoration also occurring in 1973. One of the restored rooms now hosts a small exhibition displaying artifacts from the site.

This modest palace was constructed in 1600 BC but was destroyed in 1550 BC, only to be partially restored in 1450 BC. It featured two floors, a central courtyard, and served as an extravagant country house for a Minoan officer. The residence included an olive press, a wine press, a warehouse with 16 jars, a pottery workshop, and a beautiful jar for transporting olive oil.

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