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Priniatikos Tower

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Priniatikos Pirgos is a small peninsula located near the village of Kalo Chorio in the Mirabelo province, nestled between the beautiful beaches of Agios Panteleimon and Karavostasis, and close to the Kalos river estuary. Although the name of the area translates to “tower” in Greek, there is no tower to be found. Instead, it is home to a significant archaeological site that has been occupied throughout various periods of history, starting from the Neolithic Age to the Ottoman occupation in Crete.

Archaeological excavations at the site have been conducted by both American and Irish Archaeological Schools. Numerous workshops and ceramic kilns have been discovered, indicating the inhabitants’ engagement in ceramic art. The settlement’s location, with its natural harbor nearby, was perfect for trading pottery. The archaeological site can be easily accessed from the beach of Agios Panteleimonas, where a trail leads to the small hill hosting the excavations. Broken potsherds are scattered throughout the area, and many excavations remain unfinished due to a lack of funding, awaiting their continuation.

Directly behind and south of Priniatikos Pirgos lies an abundance of orchards and vegetable gardens in the most fertile part of the entire province, known as the plain of Kalo Chorio. Along the periphery of the area and the seafront, numerous tamarisk trees can be found, while the landscape shifts to the east, revealing an impressive scene of countless prickly pears and agaves.


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