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Maleme Domed Tomb

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The impressive Late Minoan vaulted tomb of Maleme can be found in close proximity to the German military cemetery and the historic airport of Maleme, situated on Kafkala hill amidst olive groves and overlooking the North Cretan Sea. The tomb had been looted since the early 20th century and suffered significant damage from a bomb during the Battle of Crete, causing its roof to collapse. In 1966, archaeologist Kostas Tzavaras conducted excavations at the site.

Visitors today will be struck by the tomb’s large size and the extensive 13-meter-long entrance corridor leading to the entrance gate. The entrance gate itself is the most remarkable aspect of the construction, standing 3 meters tall and 1.60 meters wide. What truly inspires awe, however, is the enormous carved limestone rock used as a lintel, which is noticeably larger than any other building material found in the tomb. A road takes visitors to the area, where a sign at one point directs them to the tomb via a brief path weaving through the surrounding olive groves.

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