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Archaeological Site of Chamezio

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An extraordinary elliptical (oval) Minoan farmhouse has been discovered at the location of Souvloto Mouri, close to the village of Chamezi in the province of Sitia. The archaeological team led by Stephanos Xanthoudidis excavated the farmhouse in 1902, and its unique shape has been the subject of study by archaeologists.

The structure is thought to have been designed to follow the contours of the hill, and it likely had an exterior wall for defense. It may have originally served as a domestic sanctuary, which was later expanded to include additional cottages. Numerous artifacts were uncovered at the site, such as bronze objects, an ax, a chisel, clay figurines, a clay altar, pots, and various utensils.

At the Linares location, a Minoan tomb containing bones and an ivory seal was discovered, while a group of protogeometric tombs was found at the Fatsis site.


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