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Voulismata beach

About Voulismata beach

Between the palm forest in Vai and the beaches of ancient Itanos, the small beach in Voulismata is formed. Voulismata is the most remote beach in the area and you will almost never find anyone here, as the only way of access is to walk alongside the coast and there is no road reaching the beach. Voulismata beach has thick sand, seabed with scattered rocks and deep blue waters.




What is the location of Voulismata beach?

Voulismata beach is located on the eastern coast of Kefalonia island, Greece.

Is Voulismata beach suitable for swimming?

Yes, Voulismata beach is suitable for swimming. However, visitors should be cautious of the strong currents and waves.

Is Voulismata beach family-friendly?

Yes, Voulismata beach is family-friendly. However, there are no facilities or amenities available on the beach.

What is the best time to visit Voulismata beach?

The best time to visit Voulismata beach is during the summer months, from June to September, when the weather is warm and sunny.

Is there any parking available near Voulismata beach?

Yes, there is a small parking area available near Voulismata beach.

Are there any restaurants or cafes near Voulismata beach?

No, there are no restaurants or cafes near Voulismata beach. Visitors should bring their own food and drinks.

Is Voulismata beach accessible for people with disabilities?

No, Voulismata beach is not accessible for people with disabilities due to the steep and rocky terrain.

Is there any accommodation available near Voulismata beach?

Yes, there are several hotels and apartments available for rent near Voulismata beach.

What is the water colour of the beach?

The water colour of the beach is blue.

What type of sand is found on the beach?

The beach has sand as its sand type.

What is the water depth of the beach?

The beach has a normal water depth.

What is the surface of the sea like at the beach?

The sea surface at the beach is usually calm.

What is the crowd like at the beach?

The beach is usually quiet with not many people around.

What facilities are available at the beach?

There are no facilities available at the beach.

How can the beach be accessed?

The beach can be accessed by walking.

Is there any other information available about the beach?

No, there is no other information available about the beach.

Beach facilities


  • Quiet

Water depths

  • Normal

Beach sand type

  • Sand

Sea surface

  • Usually calm

Water colour

  • Blue


  • Walking

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