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Kouremenos beach

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Beach description

Kouremenos, situated 91km east of Agios Nikolaos and 21km east of Sitia, is just a kilometer east of the quaint town of Palekastro. Palekastro offers a wider variety of accommodation, dining, and entertainment options, but there are also several new hotels near the beach for your convenience. The beach itself is the longest in the region, stretching over 1.5km and framed by Cape Tenta to the north and Cape Plaka to the south. With its fine brown sand, shallow turquoise waters, and abundant tamarisk trees, it’s a stunning location. Amenities such as umbrellas, showers, and beach bars are available in certain areas.

The real allure of Kouremenos, though, is the strong wind that constantly sweeps the area, making it a hotspot for windsurfers and kite surfers from all over Europe. This is why it’s home to some of Greece’s largest wind turbine parks.

Windsurfing at Kouremenos is an experience not to be missed. A windsurfing school operates on the beach, offering equipment rentals at reasonable prices. The Meltemi, or northwest summer wind, is particularly strong here due to local thermal and funnelling effects, creating ideal conditions for windsurfing with an average wind force of around 6 Beaufort during the summer season.

The beach is suitable for windsurfers of all skill levels. The flat, shallow waters near the coast are perfect for beginners, while further out, the small waves provide a challenge for more experienced surfers. There’s also a rocky area at the northern end of the beach where experts can show off their skills. The local school has even installed buoys to indicate the entry point.