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Katsikia (Candia) beach

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Beach description

As you head north from Agios Nikolaos towards Elounda, the final beach you’ll find is Katsikia Beach also called Candia beach. This spot gets its name (Katsikia means “goats”) from the numerous goat pens that used to dot the area in the past. The town of Agios Nikolaos also has a similar history, as it was once called Mandraki, meaning “goat pen.”

Katsikia (Candia) is a lovely beach, featuring a mix of sand and some scattered stones. It’s tucked away in front of the Candia Park Village hotel, making it a sort of hidden gem. If you’re planning to visit, you can either walk through the hotel or follow the road around it to reach the beach. It’s a peaceful, charming spot that’s definitely worth exploring when you’re in the area.