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Havania beach

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Beach description

Havania Beach, a picturesque bay located near Agios Nikolaos on the route to Elounda, exudes an irresistible charm. With its fully-equipped municipal beach offering ample parking, a food canteen, and lifeguard facilities, it’s an ideal spot for family outings and peaceful vacations. The proximity to the city guarantees easy access to all necessary amenities, ensuring a comfortable stay. Moreover, it’s conveniently reachable from Heraklion, whether you’re arriving by air or sea.

Scenic Beauty and Accommodation Around Havania Bay

With its pristine, tranquil waters and a mix of sandy and pebbled shoreline, Havania beach stands out as a haven for both locals and tourists. The bay area houses a range of hotel complexes and other lodging options, with breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mirabello. Unlike other local beaches blocked by waterfront hotels, Chavania’s accessibility is a major plus. The nearby Mirabello and Candia beaches provide alternative locations to set up base.

Abundance of Nearby Attractions

The area surrounding Havania Beach is rich in attractions, guaranteeing a delightful variety for all. Just 10 km away lies the village of Plaka, from where you can ferry to the historically significant Spinaloga Island. Recently popularized by Victoria Hislop’s novel, “The Island”, Spinaloga was a leper colony from 1909 to 1957, but its history stretches back to ancient times. A journey inland leads to the villages surrounding Mount Dikti, offering a challenging but rewarding road trip. Discover meat tavernas, fresh air, lush plateaus, and numerous archaeological sites. For those preferring the east, the quiet coastal villages towards Sitia offer secluded beaches and serenity.