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Voulisma Beach: A Breathtaking Paradise in Eastern Crete

by Crete Locals

  • Posted 1 year ago

About Voulisma Beach and its Location

Voulisma Beach, also known as Golden Beach, is located approximately 500 meters east of Kalo Chorio. Which is bout 12 kilometres east of Agios Nikolaos, and 22 kilometres north of Ierapetra. It is the longest beach in Kalo Chorio, measuring around 700 meters in length.

The beach is located in a rich valley with abundant water, lush citrus, vines, olive trees, large agricultural regions, as well as a large dense pine forest adjacent to the shore. There are undiscovered ancient sites near Voulisma Beach, such as the “Varykastro”.

Voulisma’s beach features white pure sand and deep turquoise waters. Because the water is delightfully warm, the sea is very shallow and ideal for leisure, beach, and water activities. The beach is organized with umbrellas, sunbeds and water sports, plus a few options for food and drinks.

Voulisma beach: an exotic scenery in Crete

On the flip side, because the beach is so well-known, it is almost always crowded. Nonetheless, it is spacious enough not to make you feel cramped. Another disadvantage is the wind (as with most beaches in South Crete). If you chance to be at the beach during strong winds, head to the smaller beach in the west portion of the bay, which is more sheltered and less organized.

It is easily accessible due to its location on a major road, and it also includes parking space. There are no industries in the beach’s immediate vicinity. As a result, the entire region surrounding Voulisma Beach is considered a tourist destination, with several hotels and residences.

The Legend of the Region

There are several myths and customs associated with the region. One of these is a fountain at the village’s far end, which runs with water all year. It suddenly dried up one day. The very religious residents attributed this occurrence to a neighbour’s connected dream concerning the unjustifiable delay in the restoration of the wrecked church of Metamorfosis (Transfiguration).

As a result, they restarted the church renovation, which was finished fairly immediately. Following that, the villagers invited the Bishop of Petra, Meletios Chlapoutakis (1855-1889), to dedicate the church. When he consecrated the tap spout, it miraculously started running again, exactly like before, and it continues to flow to this day.

Voulisma Beach: stairs to heaven

Activities You Can do at Voulisma Beach

Do you enjoy lying on a sunbed or riding a jet ski? This beach provides the choice. With a stretch of golden sand, it’s ideal for making sandcastles with the kids, but if you’re looking for something a little more energetic or daring, there are jet skis, an inflatable fun ride, and pedaloes.

You may read your book in privacy with a canteen at the top of the steps that also provides waiter service to your sunbed. Two sunbeds and one umbrella cost only 15 euros. Also, on the beach very often you can find a massage lady. Don’t hesitate to ask her for a full body massage and take the opportunity for total relaxation.

When it’s windy and there are some waves the whole scenery of the beach changes. Then you can find some surfers in the water and maybe if you’re in the mood join them!!

Turquoise waters of Voulisma beach

The Best Restaurants near Voulisma Beach

Taverna Kavos

The great spot above the beach! Family-friendly, the playground will keep the children busy until the food arrives. Taverna Kavos has traditional Cretan cuisine, the owners are very welcoming and the service is great. We recommend the Greek lamb kleftiko: roast of lamb, wrapped in parchment paper.


The perfect place to end the day after a nice swim on the beach. Located opposite to the lovely Voulisma beach. Delicious meals made from local products cooked and served by the owners themselves with lots of love. Overall Meraki has great quality food with great service and a surprise dessert at the end!

Mamaloukia & Lotzeta

Mama Lukia is mainly a family-run tavern run by Istro locals. Every day, Eleni and her family provide their cuisine as well as exclusive Cretan meals made with love and creativity. Every Saturday and Sunday, they serve Antikristo, which is a famous traditional lamb dish. This year’s décor has been completely revamped to provide you with a welcoming environment.

Voulisma beach before the arrival of sunbeds

The Best Hotels near Voulisma Beach

Istron Bay Hotel

The 5-star Istron Bay Hotel offers sea-view accommodation and a swimming pool overlooking the beautiful bay of Istron. It includes 3 restaurants and 2 bars and organizes a variety of water-sports activities.

Istron Luxury Villas

Istron Bay Villas consist of 2 complexes hosting 9 villas and the restaurant “Kritamon”

The exclusive location in combination with the magnificent architecture and the surrounding nature creates a shelter for you and your loved ones.

All villas have a magnificent view of the sea or the surrounding nature and easy access to the bay. The coast is beautiful and the restaurant is a warm and exciting place to be.

Istron Bay

Useful Information about Voulisma Beach

  • Voulisma beach is awarded by the Blue Flag organization.
  • Lifeguards are on standby for most of the day.
  • On the beach there are also showers, toilets and a place to change
  • If you can’t find a sunbed and an umbrella, tree shade is available
  • Wheelchair access may occur difficultly

Video of Voulisma Beach in Crete: Aerial View

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