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Located just east of Kasteli, the village of Archangelos is a picturesque destination that offers visitors a glimpse into the rich history and culture of Crete. Originally founded in 961 as ‘Varvaro’ by Nikiphoros Phocas’ military forces, the village was later renamed Archangelos in 1961. Today, it is home to 433 residents and boasts a range of attractions that are sure to delight visitors.

One of the village’s main attractions is its ancient mills and archaeological finds, which date back to the first and second Late Minoan periods. Visitors can explore these fascinating relics and learn more about the village’s storied past. Additionally, Archangelos is home to two beautiful churches: the main church, which is dedicated to the Archangel Michael, and the older Panaghia church, which boasts stunning Byzantine wall paintings.

In addition to its historical and cultural attractions, Archangelos is also a great place to enjoy traditional Cretan cuisine. Visitors can sample local specialties like raki and mezedes at the village’s kapheneions, or cafes. And if you happen to be in the village on November 8th, you can join in the festivities surrounding the feast of Michail Archangelos.

Beyond the village itself, visitors can also explore the surrounding area, which boasts stunning natural beauty and a range of outdoor activities. From hiking and swimming to snorkeling and more, there’s something for everyone in Archangelos. So whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in the local culture or simply relax and enjoy the scenery, Archangelos is a must-visit destination in Crete.


Where is Arhangelos village located?

Arhangelos village is located 330 m above sea level, just out of Kasteli (1.5 km) to the east.

How many residents does Arhangelos village have?

Arhangelos village has 433 residents.

When was Arhangelos village founded?

Arhangelos village was founded in 961 by the military forces of Nikiphoros Phocas.

What was the original name of Arhangelos village?

The original name of Arhangelos village was ‘Varvaro’.

When was the name of Arhangelos village changed?

The name of Arhangelos village was changed in 1961.

What is the name of the main village church in Arhangelos?

The main village church in Arhangelos is dedicated to the Archangel Michael.

Are there any ancient remains in Arhangelos village?

Yes, remains of ancient mills can still be seen in Arhangelos village.

What can be found in the location known as Trochalos?

In the location known as Trochalos, archaeological finds have brought to light a series of Minoan tools dating back to the first and second Late Minoan periods.

What is celebrated on November 8th in Arhangelos village?

The feast of Michail Archangelos is celebrated with much feasting in Arhangelos village on November 8th.

What can be found in the kapheneions in Arhangelos village?

Raki and ‘mezedes’ are always available at the kapheneions in Arhangelos village.

What is the average temperature in Arhangelos village?

The average temperature in Arhangelos village ranges from 15°C to 30°C, depending on the season.

Where is Arhangelos village located?

Arhangelos village is located in the eastern part of Crete, Greece.

Which is the nearest airport to Arhangelos village?

The nearest airport to Arhangelos village is Heraklion International Airport, which is approximately 70 km away.

What are the popular attractions in Arhangelos village?

Arhangelos village is known for its traditional architecture, beautiful beaches, and historical landmarks. Some of the popular attractions include the Byzantine church of Archangel Michael, the Venetian castle of Kastellos, and the beaches of Agios Nikolaos and Elounda.

Is Arhangelos village a good place to visit for a family vacation?

Yes, Arhangelos village is a great place for a family vacation. The village offers a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, beautiful beaches, and plenty of activities for children, such as water sports, hiking, and exploring historical landmarks.


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