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Beaches with Rocks in places in Crete

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Experience the grandeur of rocky beaches, each boasting its own distinctive character and charm. Our website features 92 such exceptional destinations where the beauty of nature is presented in its most dramatic form. Among them is the striking Balos Beach in Crete, where turquoise waters meet the unique pink sand and large imposing rocks, offering an otherworldly view.

On the wilder side, there’s Preveli in southern Crete, where the river meets the sea among large rocky formations and lush palm trees. The iconic Shipwreck Beach in Zakynthos, enclosed by high cliffs and large pebbles, is a perfect setting for adventure lovers. For those seeking tranquillity, the secluded rocky coves of Folegandros Island offer peaceful sanctuaries. History enthusiasts will find the ancient rocks and ruins near Sounio Beach, under the historic Temple of Poseidon, fascinating.

These 92 rocky beach listings are not just picturesque landscapes, but also gateways to various activities like snorkelling, hiking, exploring historic sites, or simply enjoying a serene sunset. Our site provides comprehensive details about each beach, including water quality, local amenities, and accessibility to ensure your journey is both safe and memorable.

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