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Monastery of Saint John Baptist by Korakies

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The Monastery of St. John the Baptist, located in the Korakies area of Akrotiri near Chania’s airport, is a historic yet relatively unknown convent in Chania.

Throughout its history, the monastery has been destroyed multiple times by various conquerors of Crete, resulting in the loss of valuable documents that could have helped determine the exact date of its foundation. However, it is believed to have been initially established before the Fall of Constantinople (1453) in the coastal region of Agia Kyriaki, within Chania’s Halepa suburb. Due to the continuous pirate raids by the Arabs, the nuns relocated to a safer location on St. Matthew’s hill, and eventually moved to their present location.

Enclosed by a tall wall, the monastery’s main entrance is relatively modest compared to other monasteries in Akrotiri. Within the lush grounds, visitors can find the two-aisled church of St. John the Baptist (celebrated on August 29) and St. George (April 23), accompanied by simple cells and other monastery buildings. The monastery’s icons have been painted by the nuns, and the small chapels of St. Andrew the Cretan and Panagia Portaitissa can also be found on the premises.

In the past, a notable Housekeeping School operated within the monastery, in the present-day museum location. The school quickly gained an outstanding reputation across the island, with the nuns even sewing the wedding dress of Greek Queen Olga in 1867.

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