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Monastery of Kera Eleousa

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Located adjacent to the village of Voritsio, the Kera Eleoussa Monastery falls under the jurisdiction of the Agarathos Monastery. Due to the sloping terrain, the monastery is constructed on a hill across three separate levels.

This Venetian monastery features fortress-style architecture, with its embrasures still intact. A main gate with a triangular pediment opens to a small courtyard, housing the stable and pantry. A staircase from this courtyard leads to the central courtyard, which is encircled by monk’s cells, an olive oil mill, and a wine press. Additionally, a second gate on the southern side connects the monastery to the village of Charaso.

The monastery’s primary church was constructed atop an older temple, as evidenced by a stone pillar in the courtyard. Within the church, visitors can find two tombs belonging to monks and another tomb at the temple’s entrance. A marble reservoir once stood at the church’s entrance, with a portion of it now displayed in the St. Catherine Museum in Heraklion.

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