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Minoan Villa of Gaidourofas

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Located at the Gaidourofas site, 900 meters above sea level and close to the village of Anatoli, archaeologists have uncovered the remnants of a grand post-Minoan villa dating back to 1600 BC – 1450 BC. The two-story building features walls that remain intact up to a height of 2 meters. Among the discoveries at the site are large jars, a crypt with pillars (Minoan sanctuary), and a significant bronze ax.

Noted archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans, known for his work at Minos Palace at Knossos, first identified the site in 1898. However, systematic excavations only commenced in 2012. The villa is thought to have functioned as the administrative center for the region, similar to the Zominthos mansion, which served as the administrative coordinating center for the mountainous production of the Psiloritis Range. It is believed that the Minoans used the Gaidourofas site to oversee the production of livestock products, honey, resin, and wood from the southern Dikti Range.


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