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Koufi Petra Monastery near Neapolis

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The Panagia Koufis Petras Monastery, also known as the Virgin Mary “of the hollow stone” Monastery, is dedicated to the Annunciation and can be found west of Kremasta Monastery, not far from Neapolis.

From the nunnery in Mirabello province, visitors can enjoy a sweeping panoramic view. Nearby the monastery, the remains of a small temple built within a cavernous rock can be found. It is likely that the monastery’s name (Hollow Stone) is derived from this unique temple.

Visitors will find comfortable accommodations and well-equipped facilities at the monastery. The original church has been expanded with a new aisle dedicated to St. John the Baptist. Within the monastery’s courtyard lies the tomb of Bishop Meletius Chlapoutakis, alongside the grave of his sister Irene.

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