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Archaeological Site of Fourno Korifi

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The Minoan settlement at Fournou Korifi in Myrtos is an excellent representation of the initial stage of the Minoan civilization before the development of palaces. Established before 2500 B.C., the settlement met a violent end before 2100 B.C. It was a fortified community, situated on a hill, and comprised around a hundred rooms closely packed together.

In the sanctuary of the settlement, numerous pots for food and drink offerings were discovered in front of a low bench or altar, where a vessel-statuette of the Minoan female deity was placed. The statuette, known as the ‘goddess of Myrtos‘, features a tiny head on a tall, slender neck and a bell-shaped body. It holds a small beak-mouthed jug in its right hand and embraces it with its left hand, which serves as the only opening for the liquid inside the vessel. This significant artifact can be found at the Archaeological Museum in Agios Nikolaos.


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