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Xerokambos Gorge (Lamnoni)

Gorge description

The Xerokambos Canyon, also known as Ziros Canyon, Hamaitoulo Canyon, or Lamnoni Canyon, is among the driest gorges in Eastern Crete. This gorge once served as a pathway from Ziros to Xerokambos. A hike through this gorge is relatively easy, taking roughly two hours to complete. The canyon is renowned for its rugged charm, featuring towering bare walls and sparse vegetation. As you traverse the gorge, you’ll be able to glimpse the expansive South Cretan Sea in the distance. During the summer, the area can become quite hot with little shade available. It’s recommended that one person in your group drives to the top entrance of the canyon at the small Lamnoni plateau or to the second entrance near Hamaitoulo village, then meets the rest of the group in Xerokampos. There, they can enjoy the area’s stunning sea views and emerald beaches.

Traveling from Xerokampos to the Ziros plateau, the gorge’s exit is clearly visible. From Ziros, head towards the abandoned Lamnoni settlement, approximately 4 km east. Here, you can follow the ravine that soon becomes the gorge. Initially, you’ll come across a small water fountain and may need to open a few gates to allow goats to graze. From this point, you can enter the gorge and walk towards its exit near the Ziros – Xerokampos road. The gorge then extends to Lygia beach.


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Most frequent asked questions

What is Xerokambos Gorge (Lamnoni)?

Xerokambos Gorge (Lamnoni) is a hiking gorge located in the Lasithi region.

What type of gorge is Xerokambos Gorge (Lamnoni)?

Xerokambos Gorge (Lamnoni) is a hiking gorge.

Is there water in Xerokambos Gorge (Lamnoni)?

Generally, Xerokambos Gorge (Lamnoni) is dry.

How accessible is Xerokambos Gorge (Lamnoni)?

Xerokambos Gorge (Lamnoni) is accessible via a dirt track.

What is the length of Xerokambos Gorge (Lamnoni)?

Xerokambos Gorge (Lamnoni) is 5 km long.

What is the difficulty level of Xerokambos Gorge (Lamnoni) on a scale of 1 to 10?

Xerokambos Gorge (Lamnoni) has a difficulty level of 2 out of 10.

How long does it take to hike Xerokambos Gorge (Lamnoni)?

It takes approximately 2.5 hours to hike Xerokambos Gorge (Lamnoni).

What is the altitude difference in Xerokambos Gorge (Lamnoni)?

The altitude difference in Xerokambos Gorge (Lamnoni) is 600.Note: The gorge name, Xerokambos Gorge (Lamnoni), has been included in every question for clarity and consistency.

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