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Pefki Gorge

Gorge description

The Pefki Gorge, also known as Anegyrous Gorge, is a stunning small gorge located in East Crete. Its beauty is characterized by breathtaking rock formations molded by nature and lush greenery. The gorge extends for approximately 4.5 km, with an elevation difference of 300 meters between the entrance and exit. The gorge begins south of Pefki village and concludes at the Aspros Potamos settlement, 2km north of Makrigialos. The stream running through the gorge collects water from the area south of the Romanati peak (937m) and carries it to the Analipsi beach. The gorge features a well-defined path that traces the riverbed for most of its length. At certain points, benches are available for rest. A 2-hour journey through the gorge is part of the E4 European long-distance path.

The Journey
The journey through the gorge commences slightly south of Pefki, where the familiar black and yellow E4 signs direct you to the entrance, adjacent to the old Ilias water mill (1925). From here, an easy path skirts the edges of the canyon before descending to the river bed at the heart of the gorge. The canyon is vibrant with pine trees, while the riverbed is predominantly surrounded by platans and herbs. Spectacular white rock formations, unique to Crete and over 100 meters tall, flank the sides of the canyon.

Upon reaching the southern exit of the gorge, you’ll find a spring of clean, drinkable water for refreshment. The gorge’s exit is located in the Pisokaminos area, near the Aspros Potamos village, rather than by the sea. Further along, you’ll encounter the remarkable large rock known as Volakas Sarakinou (Saracen’s rock). Legend has it that a Saracen pirate once took refuge here after being left behind in Crete. The rock is covered in small pebbles, believed to be the remnants of an old children’s game. The kids would throw stones at Volakas, and if a stone stayed on the rock, they would find food at home. If not, they wouldn’t. Following Aspros Potamos village, you’ll reach the main road connecting Makrigialos and Pefki. If no one is waiting to pick you up by car, you’ll need to walk the remaining 2km to Makrigialos.


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Most frequent asked questions


What is Pefki Gorge?

Pefki Gorge is a hiking gorge located in the Lasithi region of Greece.

What type of gorge is Pefki Gorge?

Pefki Gorge is a hiking gorge and is part of the E4 trail.

Is there water in Pefki Gorge?

Yes, there is water in Pefki Gorge until the spring.

How accessible is Pefki Gorge?

Pefki Gorge is accessible via a paved road.

How long is Pefki Gorge?

Pefki Gorge is 4.5 km long.

How difficult is Pefki Gorge?

Pefki Gorge has a difficulty rating of 1 out of 10.

How many hours does it take to hike Pefki Gorge?

It takes approximately 2 hours to hike Pefki Gorge.

What is the altitude difference in Pefki Gorge?

The altitude difference in Pefki Gorge is 310 meters.

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