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Private tour to Cretan Villages of Apokoronas & Profit Ilias

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Discover panoramic views and traditional Cretan villages in one of the most famous areas of Western Crete. Learn about the history and the traditions of the island by visiting the villages, speak and hang out with locals and taste local dishes, all accompanied by the Cretan hospitality. 

Our day begins with a stop in the village of Vrysses close to the river side and under plane trees. We continue our route around the traditional villages of Nipos and Tzitzifes and Fres for a coffee break.
Following visit the temple of Virgin Mary (Panagia) of Two Rocks. Once a rock detached from the mountain and rolled down the slope. On the top of the rock, the church of Panagia was built. Adjacent there, is another rock, both forming an impressive scenery.

Continue your amazing off-road adventure after climbing up the White Mountains and passing through villages of Pemonia and Melidoni which are situated at the foothill of White Mountains.
On the way up to the shepherd’s hut called “Mitato,” enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of Northern Crete and if you are lucky, eagles might appear and wild goats could stop for us to take some photos.
A bumpy rocky road will lead up to our trip’s highest point of 1300 meters altitude, where you will find out all about the lifestyle of a shepherd and explore his original “Mitato”. On your way down to the villages, have a stop in Armenoi village for lunch with Cretan platters.
Fully refreshed, continue your tour, following an easy asphalt route back to your hotel. Drivers, with the help of the premium off road vehicles of Uncharted Escapes will offer you the most exciting day in Apokoronas Villages, allowing you to take in the best panoramic views of Northern Crete, and to embrace the local hospitality.


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