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Xerokambos beach

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Beach description

The remote settlement of Xerokambos is nestled 103km southeast of Agios Nikolaos, 47km south of Sitia, and 69km east of Ierapetra in the Lassithi prefecture. It is primarily accessible via the road that links the cities of Sitia and Ierapetra with Ziros. An alternative route is the asphalt road from Zakros. The journey from Ziros unveils lush green plateaus, abandoned medieval towns like Etia and Chametoulio, and offers breathtaking views of the South Cretan Sea and the rugged Gorge of Lamnoni.

The stark, eerie landscape of Xerokambos is defined by barren rocks and towering mountains. Its sparse vegetation consists mainly of shrubs, with occasional olive groves. Despite its isolation, it has begun to evolve into a small tourist destination, especially after the roads were paved. Xerokambos, ideal for a peaceful retreat, is not recommended for those seeking nightlife. The village offers several accommodations, mini markets, and taverns, while a pharmacy, butcher, and petrol station are available in Zakros, a 15-minute drive away.

The serene sea and beautiful beaches of Xerokambos contrast sharply with the wild mountainous backdrop. The region offers a variety of beaches, including rocky, pebbly, sandy, and even a clay beach for natural spa enthusiasts.

The main region of Xerokambos, Ambelos, lies east of Cape Trahilos. This is where you’ll find the majority of accommodations and taverns. A picturesque blue-domed church, Saint Nicholas, and the remnants of the Hellenistic city of Ambelos are also sights to behold on a nearby hill. The first beach here, Gerontolakkos, or Agios Nikolaos, is followed by a narrow argillaceous beach where visitors often engage in mud baths. This beach is aptly named Argilos, which translates to clay.

Further along is Vourlia, a small bay featuring golden sand and local accommodations and taverns. From here, the coastline becomes rockier, stretching northeast through a protected area for the white sand Lilly.